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Buddha’s life in a picture

Buddha’s life in a picture

The founder of Buddhism who was born in Lumbini, a sacred place and sacred garden now the perfect place to do the pilgrimage tour for people from all around the globe. They created mosaic where Buddha was born. As Buddhism have different branches with different philosophies. All these branches are developed later on not at the time of the Buddha. Even the Buddha keep changing depending on the country where you go but what happened to Buddha is the same. I am trying to explain the major incidents that occurred in the life of the Buddha.

Four different places; the birth place of Buddha, where he got enlightened, where he has given his first sermon and where he died are holy places for every Buddhist from around the globe. The birthplace of Buddha located in Nepal and remaining three places located in India. The picture shows the major incidents happened to him in his life.

Immediately when Buddha was born he walked seven different steps and every step he walked there grows a lotus flower. This represent he was brave since the beginning, immediately after his birth.

As he was born as a prince in the palace of Suddhodan Shakya, they have taught him all the important teachings during that time. The teaching includes religious texts, philosophy, art warfare, archery and many more whatever necessary for the future kings. He was kept inside the palace with all the facilities he deserved. He got married and had a son Rahul also.

One day when he had gone out he saw an old man, a sick person and a dead body. This started giving questions to Buddha why people need to grow old? Why people are sick and cannot able to do the basic things? Why people die? He was looking for the solution of these things. As he got no answers for this he decided to go looking for Gurus and philosophers of that time for finding the reason and answer of these sufferings.

Buddha has seen old man, sick person and died person

One night he left the palace with his horse, trim his hair in the bank of the rivers, left the attires from the palace and gone crossing the river and to find the Gurus who will tell him the reasons for all these.

After leaving palace he cut his hair

As he got no solution from any of the philosopher of that time he started doing meditation. His skeletal crones got visible from outside. 

Buddha meditated so deep that his skeletons are seen

Meantime he has done meditation he got disturbed with Maras. A group of people with beautiful girls singing and dancing in front of him to destroy his meditation but he kept doing it. One day he got enlightened underneath a Bodhi tree.

Buddha get disturbed by Mara's

He started preaching about four noble truths after his enlightenment. The first sermon he has given among the deer’s in the forest as he has no disciples yet.  Then slowly there comes number of disciples who were later engaged in teaching the philosophy of Buddha.

Buddha busy on preaching

Buddha continued his teachings as long as he is living and he died at the age of eighty. Finally after he attained Parinirvana his important disciples continued spreading in the surrounding areas. The five most important disciples of Buddha are Sariputra, Moggalana, Ananada, Anirudra and Mahakashyap. Ananda is a cousin of Buddha when he was in palace also.

Buddha Mahaparinirvana

Hope you enjoyed reading this, Please share this (to share butttons are located in top right corner) Buddha’s life in picture so people will know about him and Buddhist philosophy, it is easy for children to understand life of Buddha as it contains lot of pictures.