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Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with landing at 5500 Meters

EBC Heli tour, landing at 5500 Meters

Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with landing at 5500 Meters

Trip facts and Highlights

Trip Category: Luxury trip and easy trip anyone can sign up for the trip as well as the best seller in Nepal

Trip Duration: One Day (Probably needs 6-7 hours depending with weather, your leisure and breakfast time during the trip

Trip starting time: Early in the morning

Trip Finishing time: Around noon

Trip Departure: Every day for private tour, if we get sufficient passenger every day for sharing trip and weather dependent as if there is a bad weather it is not worth flying.  

Trip cost: The cost of the tour starts from $1300 per person if you join for sharing trip and if you want to make a private trip please write to us.

Trip cancellation policy: If you cancel the trip loss of the deposit (if the trip gets cancelled due to weather reason you just pay $20 per person for your airport transfers and rest of the money you will get back.)

Personal to contact: Mr. Gokul Cell +977 98511 26351(on Whatsapp and Viber also and respond 24 hours) and Mr. Siri Cell +977 98510 43912

Email to contact: info@himalayantravelconsultant.com

How to book the trip: Please give us a call, write to us or visit personally to office and book there.

How can I Find you: Please find our Google location or give us a call (better you come to the office, if this give you a trouble please give us a call we will approach you)

Last minute booking possible: Yes

Deposit for last minute Booking: Yes, deposit just $100 for sharing trip and $1000 for private trip and rest of the money you can pay on the go.

Necessary Documents: Passport

The best month to go: January to April and September to December ( monsoon months might be cloudy but still you can a give a try as we call every morning before departure to check whether the weather and view in Everest area is good or not.)

Introduction to the trip

People all around the world, want to have some new experiences. One of the life time experience people like to add up in their life is going to Everest. There are different ways to reach Everest. Take a flight to Lukla and walk to Everest base camp. Take a tour in Tibet and drive up to north Everest base camp or take a chopper trip and reach Everest base camp within an hour. Our helicopter flight to Everest is the once in a lifetime opportunity for many of our customers. This journey gives opportunities for travellers to see the Everest from very near. People who cannot walk to the base camp or who do not have a time to walk or who want a new experience of flying in a helicopter up to the Base camp are our potential customers. This once in a life journey starts from Kathmandu early in the morning, our representative or guide pick you up from your hotel and transfer to domestic terminal of Kathmandu airport. Security formalities in the airport then you will board for the flight. The flight passes through beautiful villages, cultivated terraces and reach Tenzing Hilary airport at Lukla or it might continue directly to Everest View Hotel at Syangboche. They do defueling there as helicopter can take a limited weight in higher elevation. Helicopter fly over Khumbu valley crossing Tyangboche, Pangboche, Pheriche, Thokla, Lobuche, Gorakshep and finally reach and fly over Everest Base Camp to get an experience like you are touching an Everest with your own hand. Helicopter make a turn and land at Kalapathar, a small flank just above Gorakshep at an elevation of 5400m.Landing at Kalapathar gives an opportunity take picture from the ground as customers are allowed to come out from helicopter for few minutes. After taking picture board on a helicopter again and passengers are taken to Syangboche and given opportunity to take a breakfast or tea coffee there.They do refueling there and might land at Lukla or passengers are brought directly to Kathmandu. Our transport waiting in the parking lot of airport take you back to your hotel and drop you there and our service is over.

(Important notice: whatever people say and whoever guarantee that helicopter land at Kalapathhar, due to the inclement weather like too windy and any other unforeseen problems the captain may decide not to land there as not to compromise the passenger’s safety, his/her own safety or safety of the helicopter. Most commonly they land at Kalapathhar but there are cases reported they are not able to land at Kalapathhar and only land at Everest View Hotel Syangboche. For more information please read carefully our FAQ section of the helicopter trip to Everest base camp.)

(Latest Update: Nepal governmet is amended policy for this tour as they do not allowed to land at Kalapathhar, if somebody guarantee landing there, it is just a fake inspiration to sell the tour)


Helicopter flight from Everest Base camp to Kathmandu

There is a choice for people who have already done a hiking all the way to base camp and want to fly back on helicopter. This choice are very important for people with limited time and as they have observed all the beautiful scenery the way going up and observed Everest Base camp so they can take an easy way back to Kathmandu so they can save time as well as get new wonderful experience of helicopter to observe all the villages in route. As helicopter flies in quiet low elevation it is the perfect choice for observing the landscape from base camp all the way to Kathmandu. One can see clearly the route they have walked from above and different view of Namche as well as monastery of Tyangboche.

Breakfast At Everest View hotel with view of Everest

Weather in Everest for Helicopter flight

The most crucial factor to do helicopter flight in Everest area is the weather. As the mountain weather keep changing very fast and sometime hard to predict, the Everest area seems more stable in this matter as the Everest itself is located in a particular valley. If the cloud forms above Everest it is inevitable but there is very less chance of it being covered by fog due to higher elevation. Sometime operating flight to Everest Base camp is difficult even when the Everest region is clear because it is a long way from Kathmandu to basecamp so the route might be blocked due to fog or cloud. Our practice on that case is we follow the river as it is practically safe for helicopter and easy to trace. As our helicopter pilots are quiet familiar with river systems in this route this is becoming best idea to go to Everest safely during bad weather in route. Once our helicopter reaches Syangboche where the Everest View hotel is located, above that elevation the weather is clearer the view of the Everest is spectacular.

Actual activities you are carrying out during the trip

Our staff will pick you up in Kathmandu i.e. from your hotel or wherever you prefer inside ring road in Kathmandu, if you stay outside the ring road please inform us accordingly. You are transferred to Kathmandu airport, domestic terminal. Just wait outside until the helicopter personnel show up with boarding pass to go inside the airport. Carry your passport, warm clothes, camera, if you have film camera make sure not to pass through X-ray scanners as you go through security check. Digital camera is O.K.

After the first security check, let’s head together for operators office where they have to take your weight with all the gears.  All the helicopters who are flying in high altitude have their own weight limits depending with at what altitude they are landing. Mostly for landing at Kalapathhar we have a weight limit of 250 KG including everything, so we encourage all our potential customers bring only necessary stuffs.

Another security formalities and our staff is assisting you for this moment also, after the security formalities you get a drive to helicopter hangers where there will be helicopter with flying crew. The crew will check for the smoothness of engine, security and fuel condition as well as they clean the necessary parts specially windows to have better view. Some extra fuels are loaded in gallons in the cargo section. When everything is all right, you are allowed to board the helicopter.

Put your seat belts, the captain adjust the microphones for communication between passenger and the captain and you can hear the captain as he is showing the peaks nearby. Immediately as you takeoff you will see the constructions underneath, brick kilns and cultivated farmlands. In few minutes the landscape starts to change and you can see the villages, terraces and houses in the villages with colorful tin as roofing material. Depending with the season, the terraces having different type of crops cultivated so color might be different.

As you make a flight for half hour you can get a glimpse of mountains in the distance those are the peak from Langtang area. The helicopter fly above the Pass of Lamjura, you can notice there a trees partially dead due to the snow in the winter, normally heavy snow during the winter the top part of the mountain pine tree die every year.

The helicopter follows a narrow valley and lands at Lukla, one of the world’s thrilling airports. You can take some photos and videos of the airport for flights to take off and landing from inside the helicopter during they are taking out the fuels from helicopter. Ask with the helicopter pilot if you want to come out from helicopter for your photos and videos. Sometime the defueling is done in Everest View Hotel instead of Lukla airport. That is still another opportunity. After defueling at Lukla airport helicopter follows the valley of Bhotekoshi  and fly over the biggest village of the area Namche, which is also considered a gateway to Everest. Myriads of colorful houses normally they are operating lodges there for the trekkers who make the hiking to Basecamp. Just above Namche from where you start getting a close up view of Everest. The helicopter fly above Tyangboche which you can distinguish as you see a big construction which got painted with brown and dark red color, the biggest and one of the important monastery of the area.

The helicopter still fly upstream in the Bhotekoshi  river pass through another village of Pangboche which you can notice with all green roofs in the area. The view of the Everest is still getting better and better and the trip get more exciting.  The flight goes above Pheriche, you can see people walking in the trails and just above Pheriche you will notice small chortens which are memorials for people who lost their lives in Everest regions. The pass where they left these memorials is called Thokla.  The flight continues in beautiful landscape all directions and you are already above tree line and vegetation zone so only landscape with snow and peaks. You can observe some small lakes mostly frozen which are resulting from glaciers there. As the flight continues, the flight pass over Gorakshep, the last lodges in Everest Base Camp hike located at the elevation of 5050 m. above sea level.  Immediately the helicopter reach over Everest Base Camp, depending with the season you might see hundreds of brightly colored tents underneath. The helicopter continues flying over Khumbu glacier, the biggest glacier starting from Everest and get some wonderful pictures of the whole Everest area.

The helicopter turns back and land at the flank of Kalapathhar just above Gorakshep. As the helicopter lands you have opportunity to come out of helicopter and enjoy the breathtaking views of Everest as well as many other peaks of the area. There will be opportunity taking pictures and videos as you desire as the helicopter keep running. For the safety reasons they are not allowed to turn off the helicopter in this elevation.  After few 5-10 minutes outside you board in a helicopter and fly back to Everest View hotel observing all the beautiful landscape and villages in the area.

As helicopter lands at Everest view Hotel, you can have opportunity to take breakfast there and in this elevation they are allowed to turn off the engine. The break will be half an hour to forty-five minutes so you can get a breakfast in the terrace of Everest View Hotel with amazing view of Everest. The breakfast will cost around 32 dollars. Mean time the people from the park authorities come and collect the park entrance fee there. You have to carry cash in Nepalese rupees to pay this park entrance fee. After breakfast walk back to helicopter and fly back to Lukla. The helicopter lands there again to do refueling and fly back to Kathmandu.

As you land in Kathmandu you are again driven back to parking lot and we will give you a transfer to your hotel. Our helicopter trip is over but you will remember the trip for your lifetime and you have photos and videos taken to show to your lovely friends and families.

Safety and precaution taken to operate the flights

We use state of the art recently brought helicopter to operate the flights, mostly we are using Airbus helicopters which are totally fine to go up to 7000 meters and another type is US made Bell Helicopters. Both type of helicopter are totally safe and the Airbus helicopter AS 300 B3 E even used for long line rescue operation in the Himalayan regions. The two bladed twin engine BELL helicopter BELL Jet ranger 206B III is also extensively used for Himalayan regions. Both type of helicopter operate commercial flights in Nepal. As helicopter in Nepal need to follow VFR (Visually flying rules), in bad weather we take precautions and might drop the flight. Besides every morning before the flight our staff is checking the weather condition in Everest by telephones with somebody who works in Everest area.

Adequate clothing for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour

The clothing for this tour totally depends with season i.e. if you take a trip in December the temperature is very low compared to April. As the Kalapathhhar is located in the higher elevation and the flights are operated in the morning the temperature is quiet low throughout the year. Recommended clothing is different with individual’s ability and response to cold or low temperature as well as season. Please check the following list and prepare your clothing before you go for the trip.

  • Down jacket (windproof recommended)
  • A pair of gloves
  • Long sleeved shirts or t-shirts
  • UV protective sun glass (Recommended)
  • Warm cap or head gear and scarf
  • A bottle of water or thermos with hot water or coffee or tea according to your choice
  • Lip protection like lip balm or cold creams
  • A camera with spare memory card and batteries (as the temperature is quiet low battery drains very fast)
  • Toilet paper

Is this trip still not a trip you are looking for and you are still enthusiastic to see Everest, we have more pocket friendly trip with fixed wing planes and still an opportunity to see the Everest without doing the trek there. You can try our Everest Experience Flight which is operated every morning if the weather is good. The helicopter trips to Everest and mountain flight are totally different as helicopter goes very near and land but planes need to consider different parameters.

Guided helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp

It is always beneficial to have a professional guide who accompanies you all the way to Everest Base camp even on a helicopter tour as guide knows the route, mountains very well and the guide can take a picture and video of you during the trip. Helicopter captain is busy most of the time communicating with the tower so a professional guide is very helpful to enjoy the flight and it does not incur any extra cost. The guide even knows whether you get a trouble or not regarding the mountain sickness.

Helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp from Lukla

In high season as we have lots of movement of the helicopter in Everest area we can even arrange the private helicopter trip from Lukla. The sharing trip from Lukla is not possible. This option will give you opportunity to land on Lukla with plane and you take helicopter only for upper part.  It is of course little bit complicated than taking a direct trip from Kathmandu but it opens another door to you. You have to be flexible as most of the helicopters are based in Kathmandu.

Helicopter to Everest Base camp from Everest View Hotel

One of the fantastic ideas to smell the Everest area and not compromising the luxury is you can take a helicopter to Lukla and hike for three days to reach the Everest View Hotel then we will find you there and take you for upper part and you fly back to Kathmandu with the helicopter. Inquire now for the availability for this option too.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Multiple Landing

The helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp price always varies with how many landings you have to do or you like to do and the route. Everybody offering the cheapest price and certainly they will take the easiest and shortest route so they can do some saving on different manners. Some of the landings are mandatory and some of the landings are totally optional and of the will. Landing also vary with the route and high pass they have to make. The mandatory landing does not make any difference to the price of the trip but the optional landings does count for the price of the trip. We are trying our best to our clients to have maximum exposure of the area with thin pocket. Following are the Optional landing highlights of Everest Base Camp helicopter tour.

Landing at Gokyo Lake

Landing at Gokyo Lake give opportunity to observe the beautiful lake of the Everest area. The color of the lake is often keep changing with light, weather and time of the day. The most beautiful is when the lake gives its turquoise blue color in the winter.

Landing at Kalapathhar

This is the minimum in most of the trip if the weather is fine. They do not land at Kalapathhar only if the weather is not good and due to the security reason. The helicopter landing area is not the top of Kalapathhar but just above the last lodge of Everest area famous by the name Gorakshep and below the view point of Kalapathhar.

Landing at Everest View Hotel

Most of the helicopter land at Everest View Hotel for optional breakfast and people can enjoy the 360-degree view of the mountains from helipad of Everest View Hotel. Even from terrace where people are sitting for breakfast they can gaze upon the view of Everest, Ama Dablam, Thamserku and many other mountains.

Landing at Tyangboche

Tyangboche houses the biggest monastery of the Khumbu Area which is reconstructed after it was caught by fire in 1989. The helipad is located about 10 minutes’ walk from the monastery. One can go out from the helicopter and visit the monastery if they are open. Monastery expect some donation from the visitors and core area inside the monastery pictures are not allowed. Outside you can always take pictures.

Landing at Kongde

As Kongde is located at an elevation higher than Everest View you have opportunity to observe the Everest even better than Everest View. The weak point of this landing is you don’t get 360 degrees view of the area. The hotel there charge even more than Everest View for breakfast but if you are able to pay this will give you more exposure of the area.

Landing at Pheriche

All shared trips with weight more than 240 kilos lands at Pheriche to do shuttle for higher elevation or the Everest Base Camp and Kalapathhar to ensure everybody will get window and the helicopter can take off from Kalapathhar. With little extra cost we can organize shuttle from Everest View Hotel also so the waiting passengers feel more comfortable even in the winter time with very low temperature.

Besides these optional landing points, they always have mandatory landing at Lukla for defueling and refueling as well as collect the entrance fee of the national park and Pasang Lhamu rural municipality.

Landing at Lukla

All the planes which carry passengers and supplies lands at Lukla from where people start walking to go to Everest Base Camp and many other trekking routes of Everest area. The helicopter also stops at Lukla for defueling and refueling, before and after the flights to Kalapathhar and Everest Base Camp. They also collect the local area entry fee and national park entry fee at Lukla while helicopter is landing. One can take advantage by going out for taking quick pictures and use the wash rooms mean time they are doing defueling and refueling of the helicopter.

Safety briefing and safety measures for helicopter to Everest Base Camp

Nobody knows whether the passenger who are heading for the Everest Base Camp on helicopter has any prior experience or not regarding the procedure of the helicopter and its safety measures. Many disastrous helicopters experience in the world suggest that the helicopter safety measures are not properly briefed so captain survive and passengers are perished. We are always emphasizing there must be briefing about helicopter safety during the flight and during landing but still the briefing is not seeming compulsory so we always recommend our clients that they can ask queries regarding safety for the safe flight during any time of their journey with captain or any marshalling staffs. Passenger safety and safety of helicopter as well as captain is our prime concern. 

Some of the safety measures passengers need to follow are listed below:

Walk always in front of the helicopter not on the rotor blade side

Always inform captain or marshalling staff as you approach the helicopter and wait for their instruction for opening the door or let you wait until they will open the door for you

Do not throw anything outside the helicopter during the flight and without informing captain do not take your camera outside the helicopter for taking picture as the speed of the helicopter is very high and there is a chance that you might drop your camera or even damage part of the helicopter resulting in fatal circumstances

Check with captain if they have any life saving equipment with their location and how to operate them in case of emergency

Figure out the location and use of oxygen canisters as well as regulators for all high-altitude flights as this might be necessary while flying above 4,000 meters

Check if they have any fire extinguishers in case of emergency

Do not put your things loose, collect them and pack them properly

Make sure you are not blocking any of the important switch of the helicopter, do not touch the Switch on your own without asking or getting permission from the helicopter captain

If you follow simple rules which finally results in creating safe environment and flights for everybody to enjoy the harsh mountain landscape which is never possible without this modern machine.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Before discussing much about Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, let’s discuss about where the Everest Base Camp is located. Base Camp is located at the lower end of Khumbu icefall on the right bank of Khumbu glacier and is practically very active slow paced glacier and somewhere it is visible and somewhere it is invisible. When I was there sleeping at the base camp few years back I heard an unusual sound during the night, next morning we discovered about 50 meters away from our tent there was a depression formed which was about 5 meters in diameter and 1.5 meter depth.

If you see the sign post painted in a big stone which shows Everest Base camp written with big red letters and if you observe carefully there is a significant amount of water pool underneath a stone in some pictures and in some pictures there is absolutely no water at all. The real thing is that water keeps coming and sometime it changes the way so it disappears.

One can imagine number of tents which are utilized for sleeping; dining, kitchen and toilets in Everest Base Camp during climbing season and one need to figure out how many helicopters make the commercial flights to base camp if it is allowed.

One has to open the eyes that the condition of the passengers who do this helicopter flight and what about their safety and safety of the helicopter itself above this rugged terrain. Mostly people who take a flight cannot easily walk and go outside the helicopter in this elevation.

The view of Everest from the base camp is never rewarding as one can never see the whole peak and the top part is totally blocked. Even where helicopter lands people got easily confused with Nuptse which seems taller and sharper than Everest and there is always a better view making Cho-La pass or Shangrila pass as these pass are higher than the place where helicopter lands.

If you are aware with the above statements will you be landing at Everest Base Camp? Definitely not unless you are crazy or mad enough to see the base camp!!!!

So Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour lands at Kalapathhar which is stable flank of the mountain and has praiseworthy view than base camp.

  • Itinerary
  • Cost Include/Exclude
  • Photo Gallery
  • More Info

Trip Itinerary

Early in the morning we will pick you up from your hotel in Kathmandu and take you to the airport. After checking your weight and documents you are transferred to helicopter hangers and take a flight to Lukla or Everest View Hotel. They do defuel there and take you for flying above Basecamp and lands at Kalapathhar. After taking some pictures and video from Kalapathhar you fly back again to Everest View Hotel where you can enjoy the hot breakfast with view of Everest and fly back to Kathmandu.


Price Includes:

  • Excursion to Everest Base Camp and Kalapathhar in Helicopter.
  • Transfer from your hotel to airport and airport to hotel.
  • Processing of your permits to fly and land at kalapathhar.
  • Assistance by our representative before you fly for all the arrangements inside the airport.
  • If you like to use our Down jacket please collect from our office and should be returned after the trip as we believe buying a down jacket for few hours trip is waste of money.

Price Excludes:

  • National park entrance fees and service charge at airport.
  • Breakfast at Everest View Hotel.


Can I go Everest Base Camp with Helicopter?

Yes, you can go to Everest Base Camp with helicopter.

Does helicopter land at Base camp?

Practically EBC is located above the terrain which is not stable, there is a subsurface drainage developed and some time the area might be subsided. Besides in busy season EBC is full of tents for the people who is climbing Everest, if helicopter lands there the tents might fly away. The helicopter carrying the supplies might land there but the helicopter which go for the excursion are not allowed to land there.

Is there helipad all the time at EBC?

No, there is a helipad only during the busy season, i.e. only during the expedition season. In rainy season or winter season there is no helipad in Everest base camp.

Where do the helicopter land when they go for Everest Base Camp flight?

All the helicopters land at the flank above Gorakshep and below Kalapathhar which is one of the best view point to see Everest.

Is there a good view of Everest from Everest Base Camp?

No, practically you cannot see good view of Everest from EBC, you can just see the part of Everest and Khumbu glacier from EBC.

Can I do Everest base Camp Trek and fly back in helicopter?

Of course once you go all the way to Everest Base Camp and do not like to walk anymore you can take a helicopter back in busy season and in low season there might not be helicopter available in Lukla and we have to send helicopter all the way from Kathmandu which incur extra cost.

Is it expensive to go to EBC with helicopter?

It depends whether you want to go on private tour or you go on a sharing trip. If you go on sharing trip it is cheaper than going by doing trekking.

What happened if I book the trip and I don’t like to go on a trip?

You might lose a deposit amount if we do not get another passenger to get in.

Do I get a guaranteed window?

Yes on a private trip and on a sharing trip we keep rotating people but for the mountain flight shuttle above Pheriche all of our passenger get guaranteed window.