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Guide for a helicopter trip to Everest base camp

Guide for a helicopter trip to Everest base camp

Guide for a helicopter trip to Everest base camp

Everybody knows Everest is the highest peak in the world. There are thousands of people who like to go to Everest area. The place often gets crowded due to immense number of visitor during the high season. Walking with too many people sometime not only uncomfortable but people need to wait specially in narrow trails and bridges. The Dzopke, the breed of Yak and cow are frequently used to carry the load of the visitors going there. Instead of Dzopke, porters are the best options so they can handle well the goods for foreigners. There are various ways to reach the Everest Base Camp. The most popular is going by doing trekking in the area. People can take a spectacular flight which land in Lukla either from Kathmandu or from Ramechhap which supposed to be operated before noon as afternoons are quiet windy and small planes might not be that much stable to cope with the wind there. The best alternatives to go there is taking a helicopter trip and enjoy the view have breakfast in the mountain area and fly back to Kathmandu. There are some questions which come in everybody’s mind when they think of flying on a helicopter to Everest Base Camp. This article is intended to answer the query that comes in your mind.

What time normally the trip is done?

Mostly the helicopter trip is organized in the morning as mountains are clear in the morning and evening than other time of the day. Most of the helicopter trip will land in Kathmandu around noon.

Do I know where the helicopter trip starts?

Most of the helicopter trip to Everest departs from Kathmandu airport. On the busy season you might get a helicopter even from Lukla.

Is it worthy take a helicopter trip even I am doing trekking in Everest Area?

For many of our customers they enjoyed Helicopter trip even after trekking in the Everest area as the viewing perspective is different than walking.

Does helicopter land in Everest base camp?

Landing in Everest Base Camp is not practical as the surface is very rough and full of boulders and pebbles, even subsurface erosion is quiet high in the base camp area and it might be dangerous to land there. During the climbing season they made a temporary helipad for carrying goods of mountaineers who are going for expedition purpose. The helicopters are suggested not to land there at Everest Base Camp, as there are many tents and might fly away with the wind which is produced by helicopter.

The agency promised me to land in basecamp where do they take me?

Even they promised you to land in basecamp they don’t land therein most of the cases, they mostly land in the flank just above Gorakshep, next to kalapathhar which is very popular view point to see the Everest.

Do I take a time as much as I like in the landing place?

No, as the elevation of the place the helicopter land is relatively high (above 5000 meters, 16000 feet), you might start feeling uncomfortable within a short time. Another technical thing is that they never turn off the engine of the helicopter as it might be stopped there permanently due to low temperature and low pressure. An ideal stop there at landing place is 5-10 minutes.

Can I go outside the helicopter when they land there?

Of course, when they land there you are given opportunities to go out, take some pictures, take a video and get in to the helicopter.

Where should I get more free time if I want to stay longer there?

After landing at Kalapathhar, the helicopter will take you to Everest View Hotel which is located at the elevation of 3800 meter where you can stay longer and enjoy a breakfast with view of Everest.

Is Everest View Hotel very expensive?

For where they are located not that expensive but compared to Kathmandu they are pretty expensive.

If I don’t want to have a breakfast am I still allowed to go to Everest View Hotel?

The place is generally busy so if you consume nothing, they might not be happy to let you in. Low season you might go and high season seems difficult.

Can I use a bathroom even I don’t want to consume from the hotel?

Of course they have made a bathroom outside the main entrance which can be used by anybody.

Is there any fee visiting the Everest area?

Yes, all the foreigners entering the area with any means need to pay the park permits, when authorized person come you have to pay for park entrance and they will give you a receipt for that.

Is it very expensive to take a helicopter trip to Everest?

The cost depends with how you want to go and the route. If you want to go for private trips the cost will be relatively high please check with us if there is possibility of sharing the helicopter. The sharing trips are cheaper than private trips.

Will I get a window if I go on a sharing trip?

Not for the whole journey but for the important part in the high mountains we are providing window for everybody as we are doing shuttle from either Everest View Hotel or Pheriche. The way coming back after the flight you might change the seating pattern.

Is it very cold where the helicopter land?

The temperature of the place where the helicopter land depend with the season, in the winter time the temperature might go 20 degrees below zero.

Which is best time of the year to take a helicopter trip to Everest?

Mostly from October to December and February to April is the best time to take a helicopter trip to Everest base camp but we operate flight during any months in condition the mountains are clear.

Are helicopters safe to fly?

Our helicopters are totally safe to fly. All the helicopters are checked for their condition and they need to meet the safety standard by civil aviation authority.

Does weight make matters to take this trip?

If you are excessively overweight we might need to exclude you during the sharing trip so your weight does matter for helicopter trips. Normally helicopter can carry 250 kg to land at Kalapathhar.  You always have a choice to take a private trip.

Do I need to carry passport when I go for a flight?

Yes you need to carry passport for check in formalities.

Is there an airport tax I need to pay?

Yes there is an airport tax which all passengers need to pay before they take a helicopter flight.

What happened with my money if the weather is bad and I am not able to fly?

If the weather is bad and you are not able to fly, we charge you nominal fee for the transfers and give your money back.