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How to enhance your tour, trek experience

How to enhance your tour, trek experience

How to enhance your tour, trek experience

Not all the leisure activities people have signed up has 100% satisfactory end. We are trying our best to make the experience much better than people think but still there are some factors which should be considered from our side and there are some factors which should be considered from client’s side. As there is a saying “a beautiful clothe may contain a moth”, there are imperfections everywhere. In this article we are providing information to readers about the ways to make your tour/ trek experience better. Figuring out some facts in advance will save your time, money, emotions and distractions during your holiday time. The facts are explained and limited to our knowledge which we have received by operating trips in Himalayan countries for last many years. The people who want to go for next trip outside their home town are our potential readers for this article.

Choose the right tour/trek company

The first and utmost important is to find the right tour company for your dream trip. You can’t expect much about cultural trip by an expedition operator and vice versa. Mostly in south Asian countries “everything is possible as long as you pay”. A hotel receptionist in Agra, India sell the trip to Everest Base Camp is not a great surprise to the author. The price varies with whom to book and how to book, still you can book and most of the time your trip will be operated. When you communicate few times you will soon notice the depth of the river so leave the company who does not seem professional. Big tour company pour your money in the high end hotels and fancy dinners so try to choose the right company with insider tour guides, variety of destinations and programs, inquire with them, drill them and get the diamonds out.

Choose the right itinerary

A fairly walking 60 year old gentlemen who has mild arthritis signed for a hike to Everest Base Camp in 2019 with us and wanted to do that so we have organized everything for him but he discontinued after fourth day. An elderly lady from Mexico signed up for our group joining English tour and end up by learning nothing as she did not understand English at all. A plus size gentleman who has gone for hiking few years back was not able to use the squat toilets and need to discontinue his trip. Another plus size gentleman who weighs around 110 kg tried to book the sharing helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp. Our helicopter company refuses to take him with other two passengers as they have weight limit of 250 kg for landing at Kalapathhar. Above given are the examples of what happed if you choose the wrong itinerary.

Nobody knows better than yourself for what you want to see and what type of experience you want to have so plan for the best itinerary or customize your itinerary according to your needs.

Try the side trips

Most of the company offer the side trips before you join the main trips. Trying the side trips makes you familiar about many of the matters in foreign land. If you have joined the group tour find the age group of the people, type of transportation provided, lunch places, entrance fees, tipping etiquette etc. Group dynamics is very important and you have to be more disciplined regarding time in group tour.

Talk to your tour guide or tour director

Your tour guide is the walking talking Google of that place so don’t hesitate to start a dialogue, ask for recommendation. Take your tour guide as a main resource for you as professional tour guides know the secrets of the place. Try to discover with your tour guide.

Prepare for not getting lost

If you have seen a nice pair of glasses on the other corner of the street and want to get them, make sure you don’t get lost by going to grab them. You can use GPS, apps or handy maps to locate yourself and walk around yourself. It is always a good idea to have handy changes to come back in a taxi.

Skip Hotel dinner

Don’t hesitate to skip the hotel dinner if you like to go out for dinner and pass the time with your sweet heart. It is always a great idea to have romantic dinner outside with your sweet heart in a different place than your usual place.

Do shopping in the Lunch time

If you have seen your favorite souvenirs during sightseeing and want to get them, you can utilize your lunch time by skipping your lunch and get what you want.

Try to be early bird for the departure

Try to come on time or few minutes before time for all sort of activities. If you are late by any reasons make friends who will convince the tour director that your watch is running five minutes late. If you miss the departure that is not only about figuring out where to go but also you are not respecting emotional value of other participant and your tour director as they miss their valuable time of visits waiting for you.

Hire a tour/Trek guide

Your tour/trek guide are responsible for your safety and fun so hire them for your safety and fun as well as social and cultural benefits. When you hire a guide you gain a local expertise. You are also supporting a local company and economy.

Plan for jetlag

If you suffer a lot from jetlag make an extra free day before your real trip starts when you reach the destination. A free day will give you time to recover from jetlag and can be utilized to discover some places on your own too.

Carry a copy of your identity all the time

Try to carry a copy of your vital documents as it saves you from many troubles in most of the countries. The originals of the important document like passport must be stored in safe deposit boxes in the hotel.

Make yourself familiar with the exchange rate

While paying for service and goods always check the exchange rate and make yourself familiar with the exchange rates. Many local stores charge in local currencies and it’s hard to remember all the time.

Give feedback

Most of the good companies like to hear their clients so give feed back to them to improve their service standard. Appreciate them for their good deeds. Share your stories to the company if you have any.

Our team hopes you liked the information to make your next trip better and wait to serve you for any types of trek and tour activities in Himalayan regions. We will be inspired and honored if you share the information to others who are interested to travel outside their home town.