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Independent and slow travel plan in Nepal

Independent and slow travel plan in Nepal

Independent and slow travel plan in Nepal

Himalayan Travel consultant is the first company who like to offer the Independent and slow travel plan for Nepal, specially different type of the activities in Kathmandu and all major towns. This plans is ideal for people who like to stay here for long time and discover on their own. With a nominal service charge per day our expert team will facilitate 24 hours support in case of emergencies and also in close contact with the accommodation provided by us to have any news of our clients.

How this travel plan work?

We will pick you up in the airport and bring you to your accommodation and brief about different type of available activities in Nepal. For now, as our new initiative, we only do this trip for Kathmandu and surrounding part of Kathmandu. On request we can manage to do it for other towns where communication is easy. We might extend to remote areas in near future where it is viable.

The benefit of independent and slow travel plan

You are Boss

We don’t charge for any tours; we will roughly calculate the price and tell you to carry only that much cash and do the activity on your own. For Example if you want to go to Swoyambhunath or monkey temple from the accommodation we provide either you can go walking, take a taxi or take a public transport.

No time limits

If you like some particular place, you can stay there whole day and enjoy talking to the local people, try local dish or do whatever you like and return to your accommodation whenever you feel comfortable.

The adventure of knowing nothing

You have to manage on your own finding the correct streets and asking with local people which is the right way to reach your destination. This gives different opportunity and exposures about the places you walk, food you eat and people you meet, all of them with adventure mixed up.

Flexible Plans

Come with sufficient time and be flexible for doing whatever you finds interesting on the way as you might not stick to any original itinerary.

What about my Security?

The activities you carry out only during sunlight and we will provide you a local SIM and we give you the accommodation on subsidized price, there will be 24 hour hotline in case of emergency and we will pick you up from anywhere in case of emergency with nominal charge.

How much is the service charge

Currently as this is an introductory offer, we Charge $10 per person per day for all back support. The accommodation also provided in subsidized price.

Where is my accommodation?

Now we have a deal with Kathmandu Suite Home, which is located in western Thamel in quiet and peaceful area about 10 minutes’ walk from central Thamel and 20 minutes’ walk from the popular durbar Square in Kathmandu.  

How much is the cost of accommodation?

We can not disclose the price here and we advise you to write us an e-mail at himalayantravelconsultant@gmail.com for the detailed pricing policy on your desired travel date but we assure you that your hotel will not cost you more than $50 accommodating two people with breakfast on budget series and if you want an upgrade we are happy to provide you as well. There will be similar accommodation if the hotel whatever will be mentioned will not be available. We don’t leave any stones unturned for this tour as this will be our new product in the market.

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