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Post COVID trip to Everest Base Camp

Post COVID trip to Everest Base Camp

Post COVID trip to Everest Base Camp

Are you thinking doing the Everest base camp trip after the pandemic is over?

Do you like to plan your next adventure trip to see the roof of the world?

Have you got any doubts about the trip to EBC after corona will be viable or not?

Are you in confusion about which way to follow to get the best and safe experience to see the majestic Himalayas?

Are you looking for a professional team who organize safe trip to Everest Base Camp even with COVID?

Then you come to the right place where you get a precise and updated information by very professional team with plenty of years spent in the Himalayan countries taking care of all sort of clients with different budget categories.

Everest Base Camp trip with COVID

The government of Nepal decided to open trekking and mountaineering activities even with COVID but all the participant must fulfill the requisites for the safety of the participant, safety of the accompanying staff and safety of the people where they go. We do process permits to go to Everest Base camp and all our valuable clients need to stay in Hotel quarantine for the specified time by the government, for the latest update please does not hesitate to write to us. We would love to provide you the latest updates. We are happy to give you the itineraries for the Everest Base Camp, any modification you want to make please write to us. To ensure visa for our valuable clients we prepare all the documents so you will be granted tourist visa at the airport upon arrival.

How is the flight to Lukla with COVID?

As a gateway to Everest, one need to take a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu, all the seats are covered for these flights, all the passenger need to fill out self-declaration form of they are not having COVID at the time of the check in in the airport, the crew take the temperature of all the passengers before boarding the flights, all passengers are provided with mask and face shield during the entire flight. Report of the PCR test will be submitted to the respective staffs and shown to security personals and hotel owners on the way. After the completion of the trek one can stroll around Thamel and do the shopping as most of the shops are already open. The guest house in the trekking route to Everest base Camp is already open to cater the trekkers. The rooms in the guest house are disinfected after check out of all the trekkers and that room will not be utilized for at least next 24 hours.

For people who do not like to trek in this difficult situation, still you can enjoy the beautiful view of Everest by taking a private helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp. As the helicopters got disinfected after every flight they are totally safe to take private flights to Everest.

What you can do during the hotel quarantine period?

Please bring plenty of reading materials, indoor games listen to your favorite music and watch your favorite shows during your hotel quarantine period to enjoy your vacation.

Going to Everest Base Camp now is different experience

As there are very less people now a day, you will get totally different experience and the entire route will give you wilderness experience and unique holiday experience which is not possible with normal trekking conditions. As the entrepreneurs in Everest area had nothing to do during the whole lock down periods they dedicated themselves in cleaning the whole area so the trail now is much cleaner than past years and probably even than the future years to come. The entire route is repaired and now in better condition. The hotels and guest house get repaired and waiting for the trekkers so everything will give fresh look and fresh experience for the visitors.

The gears necessary for doing the trip is now available at knock down price which never came before in Kathmandu.

You will feel peace in mind as you are employing the staffs who lost their job for last several months and hoping the rays and new waves are arrived in the tourism sector again.

The trips to Everest now probably the best trips because when the pandemic is over by any reasons there will be flood of people desperately waiting coming to the Everest region and for few years to come the area will be extremely crowded.

How are the supporting staffs? Have I get a risk of having COVID with them?

Our staffs are all stayed in the tiny villages in the mountains as there was no trek for last few months, some of them even dedicated in different campaigns to clean up the area. They came back to Kathmandu in disinfected private tourist vehicles and stayed in home quarantine for two weeks. As they have no history of COVID and no symptoms of COVID at all, they join our work team and take people to different destination. They are now trained for not to engage in the activities which might help to boost the COVID. Our staffs are always trying to maintain the specified social distancing in all sorts of exposures so they bear minimum risk of contaminating COVID. Our staffs are extensively   covered for COVID with insurance plan and even we recommend for our clients to insurance policy that will cover all medical expense if they accidently caught any type of illnesses in the mountains.

Flexible payment option for short period

As there are less people we don’t have to worry about your accommodation to book in advance and as our staffs are ready to depart any hour, you just send the details of your flight and send a copy of passport, then even without receiving advance payment for the trip we simply organize everything for you. We are available to answer your queries in social media too.

We speak your language

Our operation team is fluent in Spanish language; if you are not able to communicate in English then you can write us in Spanish. Our operation team appreciates all Caribbean and South American people can take advantage of our expertise in Spanish language.

Last minute booking accepted

For all sort of activities inside Nepal, last minute booking is entertained now. You can make decision just after your arrival in Kathmandu or you just meet our team in Kathmandu and decide what activities to do in Nepal. Please feel free to take appointments by dialing at +977 9851126351 and looking for Gokul who will be available round the clock for any type of queries.

Take advantage of discounts

Some of our trips we have already slashed down the prices just for few months now. Some of the trip already came down to unbelievable prices with still exceptional service for our solid customers. Be comfortable to ask for discounts on the dream trip which you want to make after the stagnant time.

Grab your backpack and move to see the beauty of majestic mountains which include the roof of the world with professional team in Nepal. Help to revive the tourism in the country and bring happiness to the faces of innocent tourism workers who lost their job for last several months and give rays to the entrepreneurs in different sector that the tourism is bounce back shortly and get exceptional service as there are less people everywhere. Now we create a unique opportunity to visit the mountains to energize yourself and prepare for the next step in your life. This opportunity will certainly rejuvenate every aspect and takes you to new height to make better your life ahead. See you in Kathmandu to go for Everest.

The passionate team of Himalayan Travel Consultant is still survived and ready to serve again to add up your experience in the mountains and create a lifelong memory. Please share with your friend who like make Nepal as their destination just with COVID and post COVID.