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Preparation for an Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC trek)

Preparation for an Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC trek)

Preparation for an Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC trek)

Trekking is one of the major outdoor activities one can do. Depend with the interest of person who like to carry out trekking they can choose where to go, when to go and how to go. Look for some recommendation from your family, friends who already done the trek for choosing the trek style, trek partners, trekking company will certainly be beneficial for many of the novice trekkers. Once you decided to come to the Himalayas and want to go to Everest Area, let’s check the preparation list. There are various routes to go to Everest, the easy and comfortable way is to take a flight to Lukla and hike all the way to Everest Base Camp and walk back the same way. Now lots of people have their own time frame and this is ideal for two weeks of vacation in the mountain area. The preparation list goes as follows;

Mental preparation

People have a saying going to EBC you need to prepare mentally than physically. Ups and downs are a common phenomenon in the mountains, there will be lots of ups and downs during this trip.

As Everest is one of the popular destination for everyone, during the high season, of course the place will be crowded, if you like less crowd be frank with your trekking company so they will suggest you the better alternatives regarding timing of the year and the route.

The accommodation and toilet facilities as well as dining and drinking facilities might surprise you on the way. If you are looking for modern amenities during this trip you are the one who is fool except you book the luxury lodge trekking which is limited to some of the villages in the area. Check your trekking company whether luxury lodge is included in the price they quote or are there any possibilities of paying some extra money and you could get them.

Prepare mentally having very less or no medical facilities. You might need to think about buying the insurance policy that can cover your evacuation and medical expense.

The foods available in the mountains are generally fresh and good. Most of our valuable customers don’t get any belly troubles due to the food.

The staffs accompany you during the trip might have limited English.

The flight to Lukla for both in and out might get cancelled so prepare mentally for that too.

Physical Preparation

Besides the mental preparation, physical preparation might be beneficial for you to achieve the goal.

Doing some jogging and cycling couple of months before you leave for the trip will be an asset.

Get appointment with your gym facilities will make you stronger to accomplish your trip easy.

Let you start using ladders during your work and even in home and supermarket instead of lifts and elevators.

Go for hiking if possible every weekend.

Early morning running gives you an extra stamina and your heart gets more prepared for the higher elevation of the Everest area.

Passport and documentation

Passport needs to be valid for at least six months or more. Don’t forget to send a scanned copy of the passport to your agency to get the permit or ask them whether it’s possible to make beforehand of your departure from Kathmandu.


Do include necessary things but don’t carry everything as the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla let limited weight and porters also carry limited weight in the mountains. Basic things like appropriate clothing, medication, water purifying tablets, trekking poles, sanitary pads for females etc. should be packed. Most of the hotels in Kathmandu offer store facilities for your extra bag without cost check your company for this. Some books of your interest might be a good time killer when you are there in the mountain. Some sort of game or a deck of a card also recommended.

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