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Private Day Tours

Private Day Tours

An introductory sightseeing to Kathmandu valley

The tour starts around 9 am in the morning from your hotel. At the beginning we take you the Buddhist temple popular by the name Swoyambhunath, also familiar by the name monkey temple among the foreigners as they see lot of monkeys around the temple. This actually is a stupa constructed about 2000 years ago. This is also a one of the popular view point of Kathamndu valley. In a clear day you could see about 60% of Kathmandu from the top. 

After visiting Swoyambhunath, the tour leads to Kathmandu Durbar Square, an historic palace complex with full of temples. Beisdes the palace which was used as a palace until 1896 AD. Popular temples like Taleju, a protector goddess of the kingdom from 1564 AD. the Shiv Parbati temple, KalBhairav which was made from single piece of stones is very popular. A visit to the Kumaribahal, a house of living goddess is worthful visiting. Kumari, Taken as a reincarnation of Hindu godess and chosen from a buddhist family is venerated from folllowers of both religion. Normally the girl remain there until first periods. The beautiful courtywards inside the palace from 17th century are also the major attractions of the durbar squares.

The tour then leads to Pashupatinath, a popular hindu pilgrimage site and one of the holy temples for Hindu people from throughout the globe. Non Hindus are not allowed to go into the temple but mostly people go there to see the cremation of the dead bodies which is done on the bank of the holy river Bagmati. Full of small temples for Shiva, popular by the name Shivalaya are concetrated around the main temple, and on the other side of the river.  Full of Sadhus, a group of holy men are sitting next to the temple so foreigners can take picture with them paying some extra rupees. 

At last this one day trip wrap off with visit to the biggest stupa of Boudhanath, which was constructed in 5th century. Boudhanath area also popular by the name tibetan village in Kathmandu as many of the tibetans residing in this area. The original ethnic group from the area supposed to be Tamang people, an ethnic group from hilly area of northern part of Kathamndu. Aroud Boudhanath there are plenty of Buddhist Monasteries located. Plenty of shops selling small soveniers also concentrated in Boudha circle.