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Secrets of Everest base camp trek which nobody tells you

Secrets of Everest base camp trek which nobody tells you

Secrets of Everest base camp trek which nobody tells you

The mother of all mountains and standing taller as father, there are very less people who don’t know about Mt. Everest. People from distance consider it is very difficult to go to the Everest Base Camp because they don’t know the secrets of this trek. As we are pioneers organizing successful trips to Everest Base Camp we are unveiling the secrets of Everest Base camp Trek so people can admire the whole region differently. Doing trekking to any of the world’s highest peak’s base camp is not an easy job but that is not that difficult as people think. We are discussing the other side of the coin which you might not know.

Everest Base Camp trek is not the hardest trek of the area

There are numerous treks in the Everest area, the easiest one is going to the base camp. Compared to Gokyo valley Cho-La Pass and Everest three high passes the trail to base camp is much easier. Of course there will be ups and downs in the mountains but they don’t last for many hours. After walking few hours uphill one can enter the straight trail or downhill so the accumulated tired ness will be whispered from the body.

Food and Accommodation in Everest is much better than people think

If somebody wants to make the trip cheaper, the easy way is spending less money for your accommodation because price to fill your tommy is more or less same in all different guest houses as there is a lodge management committee who are responsible for controlling prices and quality. These committees frequently check the quality and hygiene of the meals provided and supplies the same priced menu for the whole village. When you change the village the price is differing as long as you stay in the same village whichever lodge you stay the food price remains same. If you want to pay few extra dollars for your accommodation you can get decent accommodation in many places. As there is a throat cutting to grab the customers among the trekking companies, mostly they will cover very basic accommodation even they promise you they will provide the best accommodation available in the village. A tired trekker neither bother to go look around and compare the available accommodation and even if they get better accommodation there will be no point to go there as long as one is not willing to pay extra to stop there. Your Trekking agency needs to survive from the very little benefit selling to the budget client after paying their hefty rent in Kathmandu. We specially recommend our customers to carry some extra dollars and pay some extra for room upgrade directly in the high altitude to sleep well. Most of the health problems start with less sleep and starvation as well as less intake of fluids. Do not hesitate to drink an extra cup of black coffee every meal even that might cost you another 10 dollars a day.

Porters get roughly $120 round trip

Ask you trekking organizer whether they send porter from Kathmandu, they will certainly say No! The question is who is paying for the porters round trip airfare to and from Kathmandu and it is not cheap; if they add this price to you the budget will go high. Trekking organizer always need to make some margin over everything to survive: so if one pays the porter $12 a day they must charge $15 a day to you. As porters need to manage everything from their salary, their major part of the income is Tips. It will be really pathetic for many porters when there will be client who does not like to leave tips or who does not have culture to leave tips, that’s why porters prefer certain nationalities than others in the busy season. Lots of porters there comes from neighboring village and they use to have alcoholic beverage to fight the cold in the high mountains as there lodging condition is not that well. Try to hire a porter from the agency as they know somebody who works for them regularly. If foreigners hire a porter on their own they encounter problems like their disappearance with your gears, a salary hike after few days of trek or not having proper equipment to reach the high altitudes etc.

The rescue facility is quicker than expected

The weather in the mountain is unpredictable as well as chance of suffering from acute mountain sickness too. Few years back there are a lot of rescue helicopter scams but now if the weather is fine the helicopters are easily available if you bear the decent insurance policy which cover medical and evacuation facility. We do accept people without insurance too but we prefer people are covered with the insurance if they want to feel safer.

Cheaper deals mostly end up with incomplete trips

There are many cheap deals available to go to Everest Base Camp. The cheap deals means usually less days to reach Everest Base Camp which results you must go faster that will jeopardize you chance to reach there safely. The exhausted trekkers are very prone to acute mountain sickness than others. Do your homework and figure out the reasonable rate and choose the professional team to enjoy your dream trip in the Himalayas.

No fresh meats during the trek

Beyond Lukla as the majority of the people are Buddhist and slaughtering of the animals are not allowed. The animals are slaughtered few days below Lukla and carried by porters without taking any precautions. In many cases the meat is already rotten and no more hygienic to consume. Chickens are sometime carried with rescue helicopters so they are fresher than any other meat and much safer to eat. Buffalo meat is more common to make Yak Stew than real Yak meat as yak meat is dear to the villagers themselves.

One needs to pay even for tap waters

When one goes to higher elevation the water is below freezing point and frequently frozen during the night time and they have to heat the water using the gas so they charge even for tap water in the higher elevation.

Everest Base Camp trek is also a cultural trip besides adventure

As Everest is homeland to Sherpas, high altitude climbers, the trip to base camp gives opportunity to observe the Sherpa culture and hospitality from very near. The unique ethnic group living in the high mountains since long unveils their secrets of their ability to climb high mountains openly to the passersby. The Sherpa people are always jolly to share their mountain experience to the novice visitor to their area.

Our experts crafted an itinerary to Everest Base Camp Trek for successful completion of your dream trip or you just take our helicopter trip to Everest Base camp to admire the views of the Everest area. Give opportunity to professionals who are dedicated for organizing trips in the Himalayan Region. We don’t claim we are the best organizer but we do claim we know mountains better than many others because we spent years in the mountains. Don’t miss our blogs regarding trips in the Himalayan countries and we are greatly appreciated if you can share the blog with your social media so this will reach to desired persons who are passionate about mountain and activities around mountains.

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