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Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Sightseeing in Kathmandu

The tallest temple from Bhaktapur

Kathmandu remained as capital of Nepal which houses very popular monuments of great interest. Sightseeing in Kathmandu refers to the visits to these world class monuments which are listed in world heritage site by UNESCO. Practically people are doing the sightseeing of Kathmandu for two days. The first day they visit three of the monuments and second day they visit other three monuments. For a small group up to ten people who can go smoothly even for four different places but must manage time precisely and make a quick look of these places. This article gives an idea about what one can see well in one day. The article focuses on add in as well as introductory tour of Kathmandu or a starting tour of Kathmandu.

Normal day tour starts in the morning around 9 Am and finishes 5 PM with an hour allocated for the lunch. Who do not stop for lunch might finish little earlier or discover more? There will be time limit.

The sightseeing of Kathmandu starts with a popular temple of Swoyambhunath, which is even a view point to see the Kathmandu valley. One can see the local devotees circumambulating the Stupa and turning the prayer wheels. Monkeys and dogs roam around the temple. Local sellers sell different type of handicrafts and souvenirs to the visitors.

The second important point is the palace complex of Patan where one can observe the oldest survived courtyards which houses old carvings of unparallel beauty. The palace complex is full of different temples as different king has contributed for construction of all this. Outside the complex one can observe various Buddhist and Hindu temples. Patan has ideal restaurants where the early birds can stop for lunch.

After the visits to Patan, the tour continues for sightseeing of Pashupatinath temple where one can observe the local spiritual life, take pictures with holy people and observe the Hindu funerals in details. There are viewpoints to observe the temple as outsiders not allowed to go to the main temple.

The last part of the day is the highlights as one can walk around the biggest stupa of the world. It is really enchanting to see a monk walk around the stupa with prayer wheel at his hands. People feeding the pigeons nearby the stupa as well as entering in the colorful monastery and chatting with the monks about their monastic life is all very interesting.

The cost of the day sightseeing varies with number of people participating in the group. We operate the trip with vary reasonable price and we deliver excellent service according to the need and will of the client.

Sightseeing cost for 1-2 people is $70 now which does not include entrance tickets and lunch.

Sightseeing cost for 3-4 people will be $30 per person exclusive of entrance tickets and lunch. 3-4 people will do the sightseeing in Mahindra Scorpio Jeep.

If you are in a small group, we have a handy offer for more than 6 people so we give you $60 per person inclusive of entrance ticket to all the places and delicious lunch at the local restaurant chosen by our expert guide.

We reccomend you to do the tour with our professional tour guide and air conditioned transport for maximum in depth knowledge of all the spots. You can even get insiders tips about the places. Don't hesitate if you just want to hire a transport from us and you can do sightseeing on your own. 

How much does an entrance ticket cost during Kathmandu sightseeing?

The entrance ticket now is

Swoyambhunath Rs.200

Patan Durbar Square Rs. 1000

Golden Temple Rs.100

Pashupatinath Rs. 1000

Boudhanath Rs. 400

Bhaktapur Rs.1800 or $15

Some budget operators offer the cheap price that will not cover tickets to the monuments. The restaurants are neither cheap for Lunch.

Our team is dedicated for answering any queries regarding the trip and how to book the trip. You can check our other day tour for typical day sightseeing in kathmandu. 

Sightseeing of Bhaktapur an ancient unforgettable town from Nepal

Sightseeing in Kathmandu will not be complete if you are not visiting Bhaktapur which was an ancient capital as well as mediaeval town. Bhaktapur to do in a group tour, one can get just a glimpse of it but if you are doing the private tour with a private guide and private transfers one can easily pass three to four hours looking at the streets, palace complex, temples, local lifestyles, wood cutters and trying the JuJu Dhau the best yogurt from Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is the town which still maintains the authenticity but you always need to take care and aware with the motorbikes running on the streets of Bhaktapur. The mastery of potteries, woodcarving, painting and the finest Pagoda architecture is well observed in Bhaktapur. The question is you have to find the right guide and agency to do this trip as many guides has different interest than taking you to the core town of Bhaktapur. To walk in the alleys and streets which are designed without thinking about the number of cars and motorbikes of now days are simply award-winning experience only important is your Zeal to discover this town and your time and dedication. There are mainly four squares and numerous streets and temples to discover. If you reach all the places in this video remember that 90% of the major attraction of Bhaktapur is covered. The entrance ticket is priced $15 or Rs. 1800 for non-SAARC visitors and SAARC people get discounts if they are able to produce the ID from SAARC.

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