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Solo travelling in Nepal

Solo travelling in Nepal

Solo travelling in Nepal

Are in trouble getting your travel companion with same interest?

Do you want to do different than what others supposed to do?

Do you want to go beyond the regular programs offered by travel agencies?

Are you alone and do you like to travel on your own?

Do you enjoy flexible itineraries and want to do grab and go idea?

All these matters have only one solution that is solo travelling in Nepal. Nepal where serene mountains, pristine forest and lakes are located with vivid culture welcomes solo travellers with deep spirituality. Nepal is practically safe for solo travellers and trip to Nepal could be an excellent opportunity to discover the land of Gurkhas as well as give a memorable trip for a life time. Solo travellers need to take care of certain things to avoid unexpected difficulties and situations.


Public transport system in Nepal is not tourist friendly except the regular tourist coaches running from city to city. You suppose to walk or take a private transport for short distance or visiting the world famous monuments. One needs to figure out and do some research if you like to take public transport. Public transport in cities are often crowded and pickpocket is very common, not to carry vital documents and carry only limited cash will save you from many uncomfortable situation.

Moving around

Especially for female solo travellers, moving around at the night time is not recommended. A midnight walking is not recommended even for males. Keep in mind you return your nest before it is dark. Short walks for shopping and searching for food outside your place is fine but do not go too far.

Avoid late night party and drinks

Solo travellers who engaged in late night parties, drinks too much and might smoke marihuana are vulnerable and may be abused so avoid these types of things for your own safety. If you love to drink, just drink inside your place or in a known neighborhood. If you are female you might be abused if you drink unconsciously even in your neighborhood.

Avoid scams

Some people are found luring the solo travellers by promising them beautiful girls, strip shows, free massage, free drinks and better exchange rates, better price and rob them. So please be careful and avoid all type of scams. You can read our blog and get informative about the recent scams in Nepal.


You can sign up for any type of activities which are organized by reputed companies. Check our day tours for the most popular activities in and around Kathmandu. If you want to make your own itineraries visit personally with our concerned staff and check the price and feasibility. According to the need of the people we have all sort of programs like sightseeing, trekking, safaris and hiking.

Try alternatives

As solo travellers are their own boss, you can try different alternatives like joining the Yoga and retreat programs, singing bowl sessions, pottery and cooking class or even a painting class would be worthy. There are opportunities to do volunteering like teaching in the schools, decorating the school premises and class rooms, plantations and cleaning as well.

Bring books, music and indoor games

Reading your favorite books, listening your favorite music and watching the favorite shows will help you kill time when you feel bored or can be utilized as the activities when you are free.

Join a Nepali family for dinner to try the authentic Nepali meal

You can join a Nepali family and try the most authentic Nepali regular meal. There are opportunities to see how they prepare the meal if you have extra spare hours. Nepali families are hospitable and you can join them in their kitchen. Informing families in advance that you are joining is necessary.

Solo travellers need to spend more on rooms and transportation as there is nobody to share your expense with but that will give you more flexibility, personalization and freedom. Any issues you raise will be promptly answered so don’t hesitate to write us about any confusion for travelling alone in Nepal. Check our travel blogs regularly for current updates and information regarding travelling in Nepal.