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The best tour of the Himalayan region

The best tour of the Himalayan region

The best tour of the Himalayan region 

Himalaya is the mountain chain which starts in Pakistan and ends in Bhutan. In the past this area is full of kingdoms but now only kingdom left in the area is Bhutan. Rest of the kingdom are disappeared and Bhutan remains as kingdom and interestingly people in Bhutan they love their king.  There are lots of routes and attractions in this area but here we are going to discuss the best tour in this area. The trekking in the area is mostly concentrated to go the base camp of the popular 8000 meter peaks or going around these peaks. There is rugged topography due to the climatic condition of the area mainly nearby the high mountains. There are many ethnic groups living in the mountain area. There is different country one has to traverse to get idea of the area. Among the trips which are viable we are discussing about what you have to include during your visit to this region. The major attraction of the Himalayan area is of course the Everest. Standing as high as 8848 meters this mountain is considered roof of the world. There are different ways to go there, mostly people do trekking to reach Everest Base Camp or they can take a helicopter to Basecamp. Everest has basecamp on both sides the northern side and the southern side. Now the northern base camp of Everest one can drive easily except the winter time. In the winter time due to the snow it might be difficult to go there. Kathmandu is the city with one of the highest concentration of world heritage sites within a small periphery.  The popular old palace complexes, all of them are listed in world heritage site. The famous Buddhist temples in Kathmandu including Boudhanath and Swoyambhunath as well as famous Hindu temple Pashupatinath all are part of the UNESCO world heritage.

Chitwan National Park in Nepal is very famous for its one horned rhinos and royal Bengal tiger, the tiger is tough to spot as it is a nocturnal animal but the rhinos are sure to spot in Chitwan. Depending with the time frame one can extend journey to Lumbini where Buddha was born. It was a garden in the past but now a day is a complex of Buddhist monasteries, the temple for Mayadevi, mother of Buddha. Visiting Pokhara one of the town which is located in the lap of Annapurnas is worthy while one is doing the tour in Nepal.

After completing Nepal, one can go to Lhasa which is very famous for Potala palace now part of the world heritage once lived Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama even has modern palace located in the downtown Lhasa, Norbulinkha with modern amenities. The heart of Tibetans Jokhang tempel which houses an image as old as from 7th century is a religious gathering center for all Tibetans. The big monasteries located in Lhasa include Drepung and Sera also part of the UNESCO world heritage. Besides Lhasa one can visit the second biggest city of Tibet, Shigatse which houses one of the biggest monasteries in Tibet Tashilhumpu. Tashilhumpu is practically a seat for Panchen Lama. The Yamdroktse Lake just outside Lhasa towards the Lhasa-Shigatse highway is one of the treasures of Tibet.

The land of happy people, where the gross national happiness is very important Bhutan is also a deserved destination now a day. An hour flight from Kathmandu the flight lands at Paro airport which is relatively narrow and long airport. Paro valley is fertile valley one can see the beautiful monasteries, the national museum and farmland. Few kilometers away from Paro they have the major attraction of Bhutan, the Takshang temple locally known as Tiger’s nest. Once believed the famous guru Rimpoche on the back of the tiger reached this place and constructed temple here. The location of the temple is so amazing that one keep looking how the temple might be constructed. Few hours’ drive from Paro, One can reach Bhutan’s capital city Thimpu. Thimpu is very famous for its Dzong, a reserve of Golden Takins and the King’s memorial Stupa. Once visited Thimpu it is very worthy crossing Dochula pass and go to relatively warm Punakha Valley. The main Dzong is located in the confluence of two rivers Cochu and Mochu. One has to come back to Paro to take an international flight either to Bangkok, New Delhi or Kathamandu. The attractions described above one can complete in single journey and highlights of the Himalayan area. For further information please check our website www.himalayantravelconsultant.com or write to us.

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