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The fact of Everest Base Camp Trek

The fact of Everest Base Camp Trek

The fact of Everest Base Camp Trek

One of the major attractions of the mountain lover of the world and one of the dream destinations for adventure lovers, Everest Base Camp Trek is not the new name.  This life changing trek in terms of experience and view can be done in Nepal. There are various options depending with the time of each individual for how many days the trek is planned. In this blog we are trying to give answer about the world famous walking holiday which is practiced in Nepal.

How high is Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp is located at the elevation of 5350 meters above sea level.

Where is Everest Base Camp?

Everest is the bordering mountain between Nepal and Tibet; Tibet is the autonomous region of China. As Everest is the bordering mountain it lies exactly in the border so there are two Everest base camp one in each country, one base camp located in Nepal which is southern part of Everest and another is located in Tibet which is northern part of the mountain.

Is both Everest Base Camp located in the same elevation, altitude?

No, in Nepal Everest Base Camp located at the elevation of 5350 meters above sea level and Everest base camp on Tibet side is located in the elevation of 5200 meters above sea level.

What actually is Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp is the boundary or a particular point from where if one likes to go further they need to have special permit. The permits are available for people who like to participate in expedition to Everest.

What you see from Everest Base Camp?

You can see Khumbu glacier and view of the surrounding mountain peak like Pumori from Everest Base Camp.

Is Everest Base Camp is the best Everest view point?

No you can’t get a best view of Everest from Everest Base Camp; there are better view of Everest from Kalapathhar and Gokyo-Ri in Everest area which are the popular Everest Viewpoints.

If there is no good view of Everest why I go to Everest Base Camp then?

Yes even you cannot have good view of Everest from Everest Base camp you still like to go to there as it is the marker point where the base camp is located. Depend with the season if you go on high season you will see Everest Base Camp full of colorful tents where the expedition members sleep, some of the tents have teashops inside where you can get tea, coffee, chocolates and some pastries like apple pie and different type of cakes.

How difficult it is to reach the Everest Base Camp?

The difficulty level depends with individuals but in reality most of the people can easily reach Everest Base Camp. Some individuals might need some extra days to reach there as different people has different walking speed, pace and even they like to gaze upon the view of Everest and go slow. The difficulty level also depends with route you go whether you are following traditional route or you want to make some high passes of the area. Individual fitness levels also determine how easy you reach Everest Base Camp. The companions that accompany you also play a vital role how easy you reach Everest Base Camp.  The training before you sign up for the trip also plays a crucial role to reach Everest Base camp.

How many days it takes to reach the Everest Base Camp?

The normal trekking which start after taking a flight to Lukla either from Kathmandu or from Ramechhap it takes a week to reach Everest Base Camp. This one week journey contains two days of acclimatization, once you reach the Base camp only five days to come down to catch a flight will be sufficient. If somebody likes to follow the traditional route which was taken by first Everest summiteers, it takes two weeks to reach Everest Base Camp. Everest Base Camp from Jiri also has less chance of people suffering from acute mountain sickness as they start from very low altitude and go gradually up to the high elevation.

How much does it cost to go to Everest Base Camp?

The price varies with the trip organizers. The current market price ranges in between $1400 to $2400 depend with the accommodation provided in Kathmandu and lower part of the trail. Depend with the company they might charge some extra for their service charge. These prices mostly does not include cost of bottled drinking water, snacks,  hot showers, battery or other electronic devices charging, tips to the crew who take you to Everest Base Camp and rescue as well as medical insurance.

Do I need an insurance to go to Everest Base Camp?

Legally it is not necessary but practically it would be great if you have insurance that covers the rescue and medical facilities up to elevation of 5500 meters to go to Everest Base Camp, it is always a good idea to leave your insurance details to your tour organizer so even if you are not able to communicate your trip organizers will do it for you. As the helicopter charges are quiet high in Nepal, getting cash for you to pay in case of emergency is almost impossible.

Do I need to tip my crew?

Yes, there is a culture of tipping your trekking crew like your trekking guide, assistant guide and porters. If you have queries of how much to tip you can visit our tipping page to get the rough idea. Normally tea house owners does not expect tips from the clients but as the trekking crew have their job totally seasonable and tip is major part of the income it is almost customary to tip your crew.

Are there other treks besides Everest Base Camp in Everest area?

Everest Base camp is the most popular trek in Everest area but there are at least three other treks in Everest area. More adventurous than Everest Base camp is Everest three high passes trek which also has stunning beauty.

Do I Need to pack lot of things to go to Everest Base Camp?

Now a days there are good facilities in most of the tea houses where our clients are sleeping but you can still see our packing list to know about what to carry to go to Everest Base Camp.

Is Everest Base Camp is the best walking holidays in Nepal?

There is lots of walking holidays which can be done in Nepal, the Everest base camp supposed to be one of the popular walking holidays in Nepal. Besides Everest Base camp one can make to Annapurna Base camp and even to Manaslu circuit which are quiet popular among the hikers who like to hike in the Himalayas.

Are there any options to reach Everest Base Camp without walking?

Of course you can take our helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp to reach base camp without walking, this one day trip you can even get an opportunity to come down at Kalapathhar and take some nice photo and video of Everest. This is a best alternatives to reach and observe the whole area without walking.

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