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The power of 100 dollars in Nepal

The power of 100 dollars in Nepal

The power of 100 dollars in Nepal

Every country the purchasing power is different. The price varies according to the places you visit and activities you do. In this article we are trying to tell what you can get for $100 in Nepal now a day. The article is intended for the readers who want to figure out the price and calculate and compare as of their home town. Nepal having Kathmandu as a capital city is very popular destinations for doing different types of adventure activities and cultural tours.

Old palace complex, temples and stupas as well as snowcapped mountains are synonym to the country. Until and unless one sees the roof of the world by any means the trip to Nepal seems incomplete. The royal Bengal tiger and one horned rhinos are preserved and protected in the national parks in Nepal. Buddha considered as light of Asia was born here and flourished Buddhism in the surrounding country. Buddha’s birth place, Lumbini, a holy shrine for Buddhist from all around the globe is equally popular among other people. 

Doing whatever type of activities as well as accommodation and food have their own price. The price keeps changing drastically for area to area. You can get 3-4 mineral water bottle of 1 liter of local brand for $1 in supermarkets of Kathmandu where as you pay $3-4 for a liter in Everest base camp.

Sightseeing of Kathmandu for $100

A middle class travel company can offer you a 6-8 hour private guided tour in Kathmandu visiting 3-4 historical sites can be done for $100. On this price they pay for professional tour guide, air conditioned car with driver, but does not include your entry tickets to the monuments and does not include any meals but it includes the applicable government tax. If you go with the big company the tour might be expensive. If you like to see some of the representative programs you can check our day tours.

A day hike around Kathmandu for $100

There are some beautiful hikes like hike to Jamacho, a nature hike, Hike from Nagarkot to Changunarayan, a hike to see the local village, a hike to Nagi Gumba, to see the nunnery and get idea of one of the national park are organized for roughly around $100. The price does not cover any meals and entrance tickets as well as tips to the staff.

Fine dining for $100 in Kathmandu

The finest restaurant like Krishnarpan inside the Dwarikas charge $100 for couples to have dinner in their tables. The price in most of the time does not cover any alcoholic beverage but the water and soft drinks will be covered more or less.

Normal Nepali dinner with show for 5 people

There are dining halls in Kathmandu with show. Every evening they have live dancing and singing. The dances are representative of different ethnic groups from various part of the country. Up to five people can enjoy the dinner with show and some soft drinks in local restaurant for $100. Remember this does not include any transfer which will cost extra. Some of the halls serve spicy meals so check with the insiders for where to go for better food or show.

Two night’s normal hotel with breakfast for couples for $100 in Thamel

As everybody knows a Thamel is the main tourist hub, a regular and enough clean hotels might offer you a room with breakfast for two people for two nights for $100. The price might go slightly up in the high season.

Flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara for $100

For $100, you can get a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara most of the time but remember the vice versa might not be available as many people go by bus and fly back to Kathmandu.

A nice Ayurvedic massage for couples for two days

For $100, you can get a two sessions of massage in reputed massage centers for couples in Nepal.

Famous Patan heritage walk with Lunch for couples

This four hours trip including lunch break is one of the nicest heritage walks in Nepal. The trip will take you all the famous monuments in Patan area and also gives you a nice belly friendly meal in one of the local restaurant. Remember there will be extra charge for the entrance tickets.

Souvenirs for $100 in Kathmandu

One can get a nice painting, a good quality Pashmina Shawl or a nice singing bowl with carving and of enough big size like 8.5 inch in diameter for $100 in Kathmandu.

On the other hand if you want to go on budget there are accommodation like small private room even from $15 so get covered a week by $100. Sleeping in a bunk bed will be covered for a whole month by $100. If you are going to eat at simple eateries where locals eat you can manage to eat 10-15 days with $100. Some of these places where the locals eat have very spicy food and some of them do not meet the hygiene standard so your belly keeps working normally. There is a saying “the problem of the spicy food is exit rather than entry.”

So this is the idea of what you can do for $100 in Kathmandu. The important things to remember is the prices are tentative and keep changing and the prices are calculated as of the date of preparing this article. (Dated 12th Feb 2021.). The prices are the reflection of what writer has got and do not guarantee for other people but just to give the idea for others. We are member of fair price travel center and we encourage our clients to get a reasonable and justifiable price for different activities in Nepal.

My father who travels a lot use to buy a bottle of Coca cola in normal store just to compare the price, you might do the same and figure out the price in Nepal. As Coca cola is universal drink, its price give lots of idea for the price in the area.

Please share the information to the interested so we can help people getting value for their money and pay reasonable price to our workforce too.