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Travel Nepal

Travel Nepal

Travel Nepal

A traveler’s paradise as one can do different type of activities in a small piece of the Globe, Nepal considered one of the world’s best destinations. Unparallel beauty of the Himalayas with stunning view and breathtaking landscape which are webbed with tiny trails make the most fascinating destination of all trekkers and mountaineers. Popular by the country where Buddha was born but dominated by Hindus as more than 70% people are Hindus, the country practice religious tolerance.

The landscape varied from southern plain land where the elevation is merely 200 m above sea level to top of the world Mount Everest where many people dream to reach. Even climbing Mount Everest is difficult now the base camp to this mountain is easily reachable. Thanks to the great technology of time that made helicopters which can safely land even at 5,500 meters and initiation of different companies which even organize sharing trip to Kalapatthar made many people who want to see Everest from near affordable.

Travel Nepal is all about knowing people, culture, landscape, monuments, festivals and activities in Nepal. As this country observe different season, the travelers must consider when to come. Depending on the activities one wants to do one season might be better than other but now a days with global warming even it has changed a lot. The prolonged rainy season made difficult for many trekkers doing trek in the September. If one wish to see the beautiful waterfall and greenery the September might be the best month.

The popular activities in Nepal

There are different type of the activities depending with the interest, budget, available time frame, physical condition and season of travelling in Nepal.

The most popular activities are sightseeing and cultural tours, trekking and mountaineering, mountain flights and helicopter tours as well as short adventure activities like Zipline, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding and Ultralight flights. Safari in different type of national parks is considered awesome for many of the visitors who love to see wild animals and birds in nature. A renowned place to see Royal Bengal Tiger even the tiger is nocturnal animal and very hard to see at daytime. Great one horned rhino is sure shot if you are going for Safari in Chitwan and if you don’t see in one safari do it multiple times. The sky cycling and cannoning is the new activity in the country but is possible right now.

Is Nepal Expensive?

One of the hardest questions to answer as it all depend with where you want to stay and what type of activities you want to do. The accommodation varies from $3 hostel to $180 in an average for a five-star hotel and $300 around for a luxury top end hotel. Depending with agency and transport used a private full day city tour you might get from $65 to $200 with extra cost for the admission to the monuments. Meals also vary the price as one can get in an average for $10 per meal in normal places to $50 per meal in fancy places. Alcohol in Nepal is considered luxury, a bottle of beer cost more than $3 even in supermarket the same beer in the restaurant table cost up to $10 will not give surprise to people.

Walking trip to Everest Base Camp in an average you might get as low as $1200 which is more or less same priced to see the Everest by helicopter on sharing trips. The difference is during walking trip you have plenty of time to see the Everest in different perspective but helicopter trip you have limited time. There are trails in many areas where helicopter does not have access.

How to get a visa for Nepal?

On arrival visa is awarded to many nationalities at the airport or port of entry by paying $30 for 15 days and $50 for one month. You can check the immigration department’s website for the list of countries who do not get visa upon arrival and visa waiver program. Visa fees should be paid in Cash and card payment not entertained till now not even with extra payment. If you live near by the Nepalese embassy or Consulate you can get a visa before entering to Nepal to avoid crazy visa queue at the airport.

Latest COVID norms for entering Nepal

All fully vaccinated travelers can now travel to Nepal without any quarantine procedure but not vaccinated travelers must stay in quarantine and do the PCR test before participating in different type of activities in Nepal.

Festivals in Nepal

After worshipping for the Serpent king Basuki in the month of August, the festival season start for Nepal. The biggest festival depends with ethnic group and region. The festivals in Nepal are related more over victory to evil spirit, asuras, monster or show affection to mother, father, brother as well as marking the change in season and celebrating the good harvest. There are some regional festivals as these are celebrated in certain region of the country like Cow festival or Gaijatra festival which is a festival of Kathmandu valley to memorize the recently deceased member of the family.

In general, there are many festivals in Kathmandu valley. Some festivals are celebrated only for a day and others last even for a month. Dashain is considered biggest festival in Nepal, this actually commemorates the victory of God again devils. Family gatherings, preparing the good delicacies, buying new clothing and get blessing from the elders as well as worshipping the goddess of power with or without animal sacrifice is common feature of Dashain festival.

Popular tourist destination in Nepal

Kathmandu is not only capital but also the most popular tourist destination in Nepal and it houses seven of the ten world heritage site withing a small periphery of the land and can be visited with 2-3 days of time frame.

Pokhara is second important tourist destination as many trips in Annapurna start and end here. Pokhara itself is famous for its lake, mountain scenery, caves, temples and mountain museum.

Chitwan is the home for one honed rhino and royal Bengal tiger as well as different species for mammals, reptiles and birds. They have elephant and crocodile breeding center. Safaris in Chitwan are popular among all the visitors of the country.


Located in the south west part of Nepal, the birth place of Buddha Lumbini is attracting many visitors due to its old temples and recently constructed beautiful monasteries.

Besides these places visitors also go to Bardiya National Park, different trekking region like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Kanchanjunga. Small towns like Dhulikhel, Panauti, Kirtipur and Pharping are also very popular.

International airports in Nepal

The most popular and common airport is the Kathmandu airport and now a days there is another airport nearby Lumbini which is recently opened but many flights they do not land there. The international airport in Pokhara is yet to complete and soon they will operate the flights from this airport.

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