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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is simply trekker’s paradise. There are so many routes developed for doing trekking. As Himalaya is very popular destination and the infrastructures are developed in most of the trekking routes it is becoming convenient for the people to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the world famous peaks. Trekking refers to few days of continuous walking. The popular regions in Nepal are Annapurnas, Everest and Langtang. Off the beaten routes are Kanchanjunga, Mustang and Dolpo. Manaslu area is also getting popular day by day. There are new trekking routes developing every year also.

Nepal was originally on the map only for adventure traveller and even for the causal tourist as well as adventure was considered for elite or crazy people but now adventure is undertaken by ordinary people from anywhere from the world. Whoever like to see the Himalayas from very near they have to go there. In Nepali there is a saying “snowcapped mountains and wars, it is better to see from the far”, this proverb explains about the inherent risk to climb the mountains but looking them from a distance is always a great fun. Nepal receives about half million tourist engaged in doing some type of adventure activities including trekking, mountaineering in different part of the country. Trekking now a day is increasingly popular activity. Especially along the popular routes there is a significant change in infrastructure for last twenty years. Trekking is so popular because of the landforms in this remarkably varied country as well as because of the nature of the Nepali people with their high spirits. Trekking not only takes you to the popular viewpoints or trails but also gives wonderful and intimate experience with Nepali people. Nepal is a unique country with diverse spectrum of people and terrain in the world. As there are various routes already exists we recommend our customers they can carefully analyze different route and decide depending on budget, available time, personnel preference and of course the season of the year. The choice always depends with what you like to have and what type of experience you want to get from the trek.

Trekking is the very healthy activity and some treks are strenuous and burns calories and also help many overweight people shed their excess load along the trail. Everyone feels his or her muscles strengthen and firm up after doing the trek. Many trekking area the modern healthcare facilities are not available but if sensible precautions are taken few of them get seriously ill in the Nepalese trekking routes. In Nepal till now walking is the only means to reach a lot destination as the road access is not there. Some trekking area which were popular trekking destination in the past are now spoiled with rough, not black topped, dirty roads resulting in difficulty for the people who like to trekking over those areas. Many of the trails used by trekkers right now were public transportation and communication routes in the past. The trekking routes normally pass by rural, sparsely settled areas which are homeland for many Nepalese peoples.  

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