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Twelve Reasons to do Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Twelve Reasons to do Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Twelve Reasons to do Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The trip to the Himalaya in the western part of the country to see the grandeur of Annapurna by walk is the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. There are various ways to see Annapurna like other mountains. The best way to observe and contemplate the serene beauty and peacefulness of this mountain is by doing trek to the Annapurna Base Camp. This one of the nicest walk of the world is done in about two weeks of vacation for everybody. There are reasons why one has to do Annapurna Base Camp trek. Trekking for a cause might vary with individuals but here we are generalizing why this trek is so special for many of the hikers from around the globe.

Every year thousands of hikers from different countries with different physical condition, background, health condition, different age and having different interest fled to Annapurna Base Camp and most of the successfully complete their mission and go back their nest happy and energized. Some of the major reasons for normal hikers are listed in the following points.

High Success Rate

Compared to many other treks in the Himalaya, the success rate to complete this trek is very high. The success rate goes as high as 99% for some years. It fluctuates little bit but most people who try to do this trek they successfully complete it regardless of their age group and physical condition. If you find the right company with firsthand information and tell them about your condition they actually adopt the timeframe according to you and you can successfully reach the base camp and come back.

Great scenery during the whole trip

People never feel bored during this trip as there is a hide and seek of different beautiful scenery and it is never repeatable. E.g. what you see from Poon hill or Ghandruk and Base camp are totally different view of the Annapurna. The trail passes through villages, terraced farming, dense forest, river banks and has many ups and downs making every day a new day during the whole trip. Even the vegetation keeps changing during the trip and with changing vegetation the animals and birds living in the area changes.

Chance to observe and dip in the pool of natural hot spring

Main central thrust is the popular thrust in Nepal which runs east to west with some discontinuities in some of the area. Where the thrust passes, which is still active and keeps generating high temperature in the thrust boundary resulting in natural hot springs. The hot spring not only brings hot water but many of the washed minerals from the way, which has health benefits on us. When somebody dips in the pool of this natural hot water, besides the amazing experience it cures many of the skin problems and joint problems. Mild arthritis and knee pain in Nepal is cured with regular dipping in the pool of natural hot water. Muscle stretch and tearing are also cured dipping in the water regularly for a week or more. As the hot water pool is located in the bank of the river the continuous serene sound of river and natural hot water full of minerals create a very relaxing environment for our tired hikers on return journey from base camp.

Close encounter of the homeland of Gurkhas

Many of the youths from the village still join the British military troop. Many youths in the villages consider getting selected for the royal Gurkha rifles is their destination so they are trained and prepared for that. Some retired Gurkhas come back to the village and establish their own business there in their home land. Many of our lucky trekkers pass their few nights in the lodge which is run by retired Gurkha soldier. Once you complete the trek, for interested individual it is worth to visit Gurkha memorial museum in Pokhara which is located next to K.I. Singh Bridge. The popular villages in the trek like Gorepani, Ghandruk, Chhomrong and Dhampus are the home land for these brave soldiers from the world.

Easy access for entry and exit to and from the trail head

As there is no flight engagement and the trail head is not far from the city, the access pre trip and post trip of this trek is very easy. One can take a transfer according to their wish and budget. The starting point of the trek is just 40 kilometers away from second important tourist town of Nepal, Pokhara and there is the regular bus service or one can take private transfer or even go walking another few days.

Vicinity to the Annapurna Massif

The base camp is located just about 3 kilometers away from the massif of Annapurna Mountain so it seems like you could touch Annapurna from the Base Camp. The vicinity to this grand inner mountain of Nepal is one of the good reasons to do Annapurna Base Camp trek. Annapurna massif has many other peaks besides Annapurna. Annapurna I itself is one of the eight thousand meter high peak in the world.

Better condition of tea houses

Except for few nights near by the Base camp, the conditions of the tea houses in whole Annapurna Base Camp trek are relatively better than other similar treks. The foods they serve are hot and fresh. With initiation from Annapurna conservation area project, the lodge owners are now trained to use locally grown food so there will be income generating activity even for small farmers of the villages.

Wide varieties of routes are available

Considering physical, mental and time constraint, one has a choice to choose different route to reach the Annapurna Base Camp. The base camp has access only by following Modi River upstream next to the base camp but there are a lot of choices at the beginning. One can do the shortest route even in week. Our Short Annapurna Base camp trek itinerary might help interested individuals with limited time and has some previous trekking experience. If you want to make your trip shorter do not hesitate to discuss with us before you book the trip.

Relatively cheaper than other similar treks

Compared to many other similar treks, Annapurna Base Camp trek is cheaper. As the trail head is accessible with all types of public transport and there are no flights to be taken for this trek the price will be drastically reduced. In general the whole Annapurna area is communicated well and located next to the big city of Pokhara, the supplies whatever necessary can be brought easily which help reducing the cost for lodge owners.

Closer exposure to Gurung and Magar culture

Majority of the villages during these trek are resided with Gurung and Magar families. Gurung and Magars are the original hill tribe and ethnic group from the western part of the country. These etchnic groups have their own culture, language and traditions. The Annapurna Base Camp trek gives opportunity to have a closer look on culture of these two different ethnic groups from Nepal. 

Easily accessible side trips for enthusiastic fellows

Popular side trips like Mardi Himal Trek or Exploring the world’s deepest gorge in  Kaligandaki valley as well as going to the popular Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage center of Muktinath can be added in the Annapurna Base Camp trip. Those who are interested and have time can do these side trips and enjoy the difference. The landscapes behind the Annapurna are totally different than the front side.

Can be done without previous experience and without exposure to high elevation

Annapurna Base camp trek is ideal for even novice trekkers and can be accomplished without any previous trekking experience. The trek starts at relatively low altitude and goes only up to 4,130 meter above sea level so no needs to worry about acute mountain sickness. There is very less chance that people suffer from AMS in this trek. Even if somebody gets serious problems can be evacuated easily by helicopters as ABC is 15 minutes away from Pokhara.

A good trek operator help you create unforgettable experience during your trip in the Himalaya. Any queries are welcome regarding trips in the Himalayan Regions. Himalayan Travel Consultant thanks all our customers who have given opportunity to serve them and all people who left us the vibrant feed backs after the trip. Our dedicated team is ready 24/7 for safety and satisfaction of our customers.