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Updated visa procedure and travel in Nepal

Updated visa procedure and travel in Nepal

Updated visa procedure and travel in Nepal

Many enthusiastic travellers who has seen the serene mountains of Nepal, who heard about them or who has done meditation on this holy land, who already walked the chaotic streets of Kathmandu, who tried the authentic Nepali meals, who has gone for safari to see the royal Bengal tigers or who had rowed the boat in beautiful lakes of Pokhara or who hiked the basecamps of these 8000 meter peaks are already desperate to come back to this country. People who heard about the different and wide variety of trips available in Nepal from a day tour to the expedition of climbing the roof of the world are now waiting when the things would go normal. Nepal is not only a destination of adventure but there are quite a lot of things should be done which range from day hikes to yoga, meditation, volunteering, bird watching or doing the research over all sort of different ethnic groups who are living with nature on the lap of the mountains.

In this article we are declaring our valuable clients that even on hard times we are able to process your visa to visit Nepal and participate in different type of programs and activities to see the different Nepal just after the COVID.

Many people consider this would be the best time to visit Nepal. We also declare if you want to see the real Nepal and want to get the authentic experience this is the best time. Nepal is already opened for foreigners for all sorts of activities and government of Nepal also wants to revive the mountain economy by opening all the tourist activities revolving around the high mountains.

Visa requisites for travelling in Nepal Now

All the foreigners who want to enter Nepal right now can enter the country only by flights. Possibly within few weeks foreigners may enter overland too. 

Visa upon arrival are granted at the international airport but prearrangement is necessary.

Our dedicated team will guide you step by step what to do?

COVID insurance of the visitor is mandatory.

COVID insurance for our supporting staff is also necessary and we have already insured our staff regarding this.

PCR test 72 hours before boarding the international flights is mandatory for all the visitors.

Five days quarantine in the hotel to enjoy reading, listening music, practicing yoga, playing indoor games, watch your favorite show in the television would be the lovely idea before you head for any tourist activities. if this creates a trouble to you please write to us for what you can do during the quarantine period. We will make you busy and give you a nice plan.

Our commitment to get you the visa

We are dedicated to help you with minimum service charge to get through all the process for your visa upon arrival in the airport. Hassle free visa procedure from our team is really appreciable in this different time.

What documents are necessary to process visa to Nepal

We need following basic documents to process your visa to visit Nepal now:

Scanned copy of your passport with validity of at least six months;

Round trip flight tickets to and from Nepal;

Insurance paper covering any type of illnesses and complications resulting from COVID;

Once you provide the above mentioned documents we process and assure your visa upon arrival.

What type of activities are allowed now when you arrive to Nepal

Once you stayed in quarantine in hotel for a week and get your COVID test done and reports negative of COVID, you could practically do every activities including trekking, mountaineering, sightseeing, safaris, meditation courses, yoga, volunteering or what you deserve to do. Please write us in detail about what you want to do? As most of the activities are already opened you could join any activities of your interest. Paragliding in Pokhara now is one of the best experiences as the weather is clear.

If you have stressed from COVID and lock down, meditation in the monastery will be a great idea to rejuvenate you.

If you love walking, the mountains are waiting for you and the routes are cleaned up when there was nothing to do during COVID period.

Even if you do not have hotel booking we will assist you finding the hotel in a subsidized price.

If you are confused about what to do, please feel free to write to us, we will make a perfect arrangement for you. If you do not have a round trip tickets please discuss with us for the possibilities. The doors to Nepal are open now; hurry up to see the unique Nepal with fewer visitors now and create the memories which you never got on your previous trips.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with us, you can reach us at info@himalayantravelconsultant.com, www.himalayantravelconsultant.com, www.himalayanviajes.com or you just dial or send text to our 24 hours open hot line at +977 9851126351. Viber and Whatsapp on the same number are enabled. See you in Nepal to create the different memory of these mystic lands on the lap of the Himalayas which is famous for its cultural diversity and landscapes.