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Virtual tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square

Virtual tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square

Virtual tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square

The place where the old royal family stayed are now popular by the name durbar squares. As Kathmandu was three different small independent kingdoms during Malla reign we practically got three durbar squares. The king from west who conquered all these three and unified the other small kingdom chose to stay in Kathmandu as it was centrally located during that time. The durbar square was residential building and religious as well as cultural center until the king moves to Narayanhiti palace which also later changed to museum. Besides the palace there are huge collection of temples of different size and architecture in durbar squares.

Kathmandu durbar square is one of the easily accessible world heritage sites for all the visitors and one need to pay the entrance to go inside at the day light time. Night time observation till now is free.

One of the highlights of Kathmandu durbar square is the living goddess Kumari too as the culture of Kumari is very famous in all three durbar squares. The oldest building of Kathmandu remained there in durbar square even it got destroyed with the earthquake and reconstructed now.

The hippie temple actually is a Shiva shrine where people used to sit to see the festival for Kumari. As the great king P.N. Shah continued the Kumari culture and constructed the palace for himself because he thought the king who stayed in the old palace were the losers, he worries about losing the power and wanted to stay in the new palace which might have given good luck to him.

The standing Kal Bhairav temple, once used to swear the truth is worshipped every day and Thursday is special to visit. The garland of 32 heads which he wears is really amazing.

The stunning Taleju temple, once constructed to see smokes coming out from every house as they were cooking still stands at the north east corner of the square. Even the temple is closed for foreigners the architecture and view of the temple from outside is amazing for the visitors.

As octagonal temple is common everywhere in palace complex to bring victory it exists in durbar square too and actually this is the temple for Krishna. The statue of King Pratap Malla which survived during earthquake is seen from the octagonal temple.

A red colored Hanuman image at the main entrance to the palace is often crowded during Tuesday and Saturday by visitors who offer sweets, butter lamps and incenses.

A small walk in the freak street takes you to remember 60’s. One can try a cup of tea coffee there at the streets and wander around and see the activities if they don’t get bother by motorbikes. 

Tiny shops selling flowers, dry fish and old coins as well as huge number of motorbikes in the south west corner nearby Kasthamandap is very common.

Porters carrying a heavy load on their back are visible as most of the whole sellers of clothing and electronics are located nearby the durbar square attract many foreigners as they seem very heavy.

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