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Walk from Thamel to Kathmandu Durbar Square

Walk from Thamel to Kathmandu Durbar Square

Walk from Thamel to Kathmandu Durbar Square

Have you got a free time wander around in Kathmandu?

Have you sign up for the regular tour itinerary and want to discover more?

Are you interested to see the old markets and streets of Kathmandu?

Do you like to see and feel Kathmandu like local?

Have you seen the chaos of Kathmandu?

If any of the questions above are unanswered for you, you are already in the right place to answer them and that is also in amazingly low price. The walk we are offering you is beyond your expectation to discover the old streets of Kathmandu.

Walk from Thamel to Kathmandu Durbar Square

Until 1950 Kathmandu was a small town with less than 100,000 people and is much smaller than whatever we call Kathmandu now. The core part of Kathmandu is considered the northern part of Durbar square. This was the most prosperous part of the town where all the business was concentrated. The working class people during that time were staying in southern part of Durbar square. When the fortune helped them, the rich people during that time spent part of their income making shrines of various god and goddess. The community also helped these people and volunteered to build the temple and resting platforms. The platforms were utilized for various social gathering as well as for the elders to gather and chit chat with their colleagues so they could have spent quality time outside their family. Different matters were discussed or they were busy doing Bhajan’s which actually was live singing of religious songs. Most of these public platforms are already encroached but the shrines are still remains. Lots of destruction was happened during the earthquake in 1934 to these structures and they were never built. Whatever remains after the earthquake is still the survivors story and of great interest to the outsiders.

The route of this walk

Our walk starts from western Thamel and goes through the main cross road of Chhetrapati which was a porter’s rest point in the past. The walk leads to famous Nardevi temple which houses a goddess in silver sheath. It will continue towards Durbar square and visit the Makhan Mahadev temple. Tanadevi temple less discovered by the outsiders which has very intricate colorful wood carvings is the next in the plan. The walk continues to see the Akash bhairab temple and Indrachok. If you like to see the beads market, this will be the opportunity. Especially in warm months the locals are very busy drinking Lassi, a popular drink and actually is very thick sweet yoghurt shake with dry fruits. Few minutes after making the walk we will observe the famous Janabahal, which is a temple for white Machhendranath. The temple is hidden and must enter from a narrow alley. The walk again goes to the oldest market of Kathmandu Asan bazar, where practically everything for the household is available. We take left bifurcation from Asan to reach the Bangemudha square to see the toothache god in Kathmandu. The walk continues and takes you to the famous Kathesimbhu temple which was once constructed as replica of Monkey temple. As it was constructed out of wood, that is called Kathesimbhu. After observing Kathesimbhu and drinking the popular hot lemon from there we lead to Thahity square which is a complex with fifteenth century stupa and a temple for Natraj. Natraj actually is a form of Shiva with dancing posture and very popular as the god who give better ability on arts like dancing and singing. After the Thahitiy Square the streets then enters the Thamel from south.

FAQ for Thamel to Kathmandu Durbar Square walk

Where actually the place is located?

The walk we are doing is on northern part of Kathmandu Durbar Square and southern part of main tourist hub in Kathmandu popular by the name Thamel. The walk from Thamel to durbar square is one of the nicest walk to get idea of life in Kathmandu. The walk covers an old part of Kathmandu with myriads of shrines for different god and goddess. The walk takes you in the very narrow streets and gives you opportunity to observe the life styles of local’s on local way.

Why I have to do this walk?

Most of the tour itinerary does not cover this part or cover only the glimpse. To get in depth knowledge of the place you have to do these walks.

How much time I actually need to do the walk?

It depends with your thirst? Many people feel our programmed time of three hours is already less time for them. There are few people who cannot overcome the chaos and drop the walk too.

What I am going to see during this walk?

We have made a video of the walk, which will give you the idea of what actually you are going to see.

Price of the walk

Now we are offering at Knock down price which is $10 per person. The walk is accompanied by a professional tour guide who can navigate the streets very well and explain you the most important facts about the area.

Ideal group size

2-6 persons, as if you are too many it is hard to manage and there is possibility that you might get lost in the streets. If there are more than 6 people signing up for the walk we will split in different group and allocate different guides.

 The meeting point for the walk

We have our sister concern Kathmandu Suite Home or our office which is located in Thamel. Please navigate with Google map to find Kathmandu Suite Home or Himalayan Travel Consultant. Make sure where to come when you book the tour.

When I have to make the payments?

We have to arrange the guide for you so a day earlier is better idea to be more professional. Last minute walk in is possible in busy season as we have our guide there in the office. You just pay 15 minutes before the walk starts also. For flexible payment option and meeting point please contact Gokul at +977 9851126351.

What about kids?

Kids below 8 years are free but you have to take care of your kids on your own. There will be nobody else accompanying than your guide to look after your kids.

Is this walk wheelchair friendly?

Not recommended, as the traffic of motorbike is quiet heavy and they don’t obey much.

Can I do this walk on my own?

Of course yes, if you are able to navigate the streets but the streets are so confusing better you skip one breakfast and sign up for our tour. Besides we are giving you professional tour guide who is familiar of the area.

I am alone what can I do, can I still sign up for the walk?

Not all days are sunny days and no group too small we can still organize a walk even if you are alone and charge the same $10 for you.

Do you have hidden cost?

No, except you like to go to Durbar Square. If you like to include Durbar square within our time frame you can do that by paying entrance fee on your own. A tip of few dollars is appreciated but as it is very short trip it is not compulsory. We are equally happy even if you do not leave the tips.

I have got a similar tour for free why I have to pay for this walk with you?

There is no free meal and the free tour guy must sell other service or souvenir to you to make his leaving. We don’t think you will drink poison when it is given free. Free tour has lots of underlying reasons to make it free. We are straight and we can’t offer you for free.

My Hotel is located outside Thamel How can I book this walk?

You can buy any of our day tour and make addition of this walk on that day tour.

I just want this walk but stay far from Thamel, what can I Do?

You have to manage the transfer on your own pre walk and post walk to go your place.

Do you organize transfer for me?

Yes with extra cost and the transfer would definitely cost more than the cost of the walk. Please give us a call.

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