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Walking holiday in Nepal

Walking holiday in Nepal

Walking holiday in Nepal

As Nepal is one of the popular destinations for climbing world’s highest peaks including Everest, Nepal is equally famous for different walking holiday trips. Climbing high mountains is not easy for all sorts of people but reaching g to the viewpoints of these mountains are more or less easy for almost everybody. Climbing high mountains cost a lot of money and in many cases needs some technical knowledge, prior experience and certain level of fitness but the walking holidays exist in different level so one can consider many factors and enjoy the beauty of Nepal. There is wide range of destination which is available according to the needs for our potential customers. The walking holidays is also of different motives as some of the walking holidays specialize in more to observe cultural part and heritage and some of the walking holidays is more to observe the nature, landscape and lifestyle of mountain people. Our walking holidays are mainly focuses in cultural trips next to the cities and other type focuses to observe the landscape and views of the snowcapped high mountains in different areas.

Why walking holiday is best holiday?

Any type of trips which can be discovered by walking is the best way to discover the trip in depth. The walking holiday normally gives ample time to see even the miniatures and create unique opportunity to blend with locals. Standing and interacting with locals not only gives you respect by local community but also open different doors for the travellers. The photo opportunities one can get during walking are never comparable with other type of trips. Walking holidays are even considered very well for maintaining your physique. As the topography is rugged everywhere in Nepal that helps burning calories doing ups and downs and makes healthier than normal. The main reason behind the Nepalese being healthy and robust is the landscape and ups and down available in the hilly area of Nepal. Most of the Nepalese from the hilly area they never go to hospital. Some sort of small illnesses they cure by available medicinal herbs from the area.

Even the cultural trip walking is recommended wherever possible to discover the side streets and non-touristic places which are of great importance to the locals. If your stomach is resistant walking holidays also gives opportunity to eat at local eateries and taste what you have never seen and tasted before.

Walking holiday is not only good physically but it helps nourishing mental health too. The further one can go the more the nature one can discover and the lesser the people they see. The chirping sound of the birds, the unforgettable landscapes, the continuous sound of the waterfall or flowing river, the fresh air from the snowcapped mountain touching smoothly over your face and skin, the smell of the wild flora all have soothing effect for almost everyone. 

The best walking holidays in Nepal  

As you are in Nepal which is considered walkers paradise there are different routes to choose to do walking in Nepal. The route must be chosen so that it will be suitable and meet the requirement of every individual. If you don’t know much about which walk to make our expert team are really helpful finding you the right trip. Don’t hesitate to write and seek the right information before you proceed for booking. Once you make booking our expert guides take you every corner possible for your unforgettable memory in our destinations. Following are the list of popular walking holidays in Nepal.

Walking to the Everest Base Camp and Kalapathhar

This renowned walk is done after taking a short flight either from Kathmandu or Ramechhap. The altitude might create small troubles to the persons with underlying medical condition. Normal fitness and ability to walk in ups and downs can easily complete the trip. This walk is particularly famous to observe the Everest, the roof of the world from very near. The walk also gives opportunity to see the monasteries located in the Himalayan regions. The highest altitude to reach is Kalapathhar which is located at an elevation of 5,550 meter above sea level. The walk is strenuous for few days and rest of the days will be mild. The walk can be done throughout the year but winter months the temperature goes down significantly and there might be snow on the trail. You can check the price and itineraries to go to Everest Base Camp. Alternative to the walk to Everest Base Camp is taking the helicopter to Kalapathhar which is much easier and comfortable than walking but time must be favorable.

Walking to the Annapurna Base Camp

A great way to discover Annapurna massif with many other peaks from the area is walking to the Annapurna Base camp. The highest elevation reached is 4,130 meter and walk can be started from as low as 1,000 meter above sea level. The walk gives opportunity to observe the whole range of Annapurna from different viewpoints. The walk has less chance of suffering from the acute mountain sickness and a great way to discover the local traditions of Gurungs and Magars. The walk to the Annapurna Base Camp is cheaper than Everest Base camp as it does not have flights and also gives opportunity to discover Pokhara, a beautiful town located in the western part of the country.

Walking to the Langtang area

Langtang area is less discovered and less crowded than Everest and Annapurna Area but still has one of the superb view and a great trail to discover the Tamang culture and Tibetan Buddhism. Langtang walk is considered a bird watchers paradise and one of the popular and only walk with opportunity to spot red pandas in Nepal. Easily accessible from Kathmandu and the walk can be done throughout the year. The typical itinerary for walking in Langtang is done within the time frame of two weeks.

Walking holidays next to Kathmandu

As Kathmandu is the valley and there is a national park located on the northern part of Kathmandu, there are various routes developed so one can enjoy the nature, landscape and culture of the people. The walk is good for people who like to stick next to the cities and also like to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. The walk can be done just for a day and can be extended up to a week. The walk can be done continuously or can be done with breaks in between. Depending with your interest and physical condition you can decide which route to do. The popular itineraries for walks nearby Kathmandu is doing Chisapani-Nagarkot-Dhulikhel hike. The hike gives opportunity to discover the villages in the rim of the Kathmandu valley too.

Waking holidays inside the Kathmandu

These trips are actually modifications of the sightseeing trips. The walking holiday inside Kathmandu focuses on discovering one or two places a day but discover the places in detail. Our professional tour guide who accompanies our clients knows each and every corner of the places where we are taking. Every day one can spend 6-8 hours with visits to the monuments, streets, eateries and even monasteries. The walk gives in depth knowledge of the places which are included in the trip.

Himalayan Travel Consultant team welcome every individual to join the walking holidays in various parts of the Himalayan regions, the experts from the area will help unlock the secrets of the area. We are open to discuss about what type of walking holiday you deserve and walk on the dream destinations. We request our valuable readers that they share the articles so it will reach to the interested walkers in the Himalayan regions. For your kind information the sharing buttons are located in the top right corner of the page.