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Which trek to go EBC or ABC and Why?

Which trek to go EBC or ABC and Why?

Many people dream about to go to roof the world, the Everest area and another group of people believe that the famous Annapurna is still an unbeatable choice over Everest. We like to discuss about what the major differences between these two are trekking so our potential customers can decide which is good for them. We are taking different aspect to compare these two most popular trekking. The aspects are infrastructure, access,cost of the trip, views, the condition of the trails, elevation, and risk of high altitude sickness and rescue and medical facilities.


Regarding  infrastructure the Everest area seems better than in Annapurna in most of the aspect but the good infrastructures in Everest like good hotels might not be pocket friendly for many of the visitors, on contrary if the visitor like to spend for good accommodation in Annapurna area they are not available in most of the villages. Lots of trekking company has false promise to their customers just to attract them they provide the best available accommodation but the best available accommodation people has to spend extra money otherwise the regular trekking package can not cover the best available accommodation in the area. Even up to 4700m of elevation in Everest area there are quiet good accommodation paying extra money on the trip.

Cost of the trip

Going to ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) is cheaper than to EBC (Everest base Camp) because of the flight one has to take from Kathmandu to Lukla. Even the meals in Annapurna is little cheaper than in Everest area as the supplies in Everest area has to go through cargo in plane or more days with porters. The trekkers get frustrated in bad weather due to flight cancellation to Lukla. The trail head to ABC trek, one has a choice of transport according to their budget.


The Annapurna Base Camp is more accessible than Everest Base Camp as one can even take a land transport up to the trekking starting point. The Everest Base Camp seems quiet tricky due to the flight to Lukla which is the entry point to the area. If the weather is bad in high season, it might be difficult flying next day or need to pay extra for the helicopter to go to Lukla. One should prepare mentally that he or she might be ready to go on a helicopter if they get trouble of flights. There are peoples who doesn’t like to fly on small airplanes for these group certainly Annapurna Base Camp win the race.


Views are amazing both of the treks but if somebody likes to see the Everest they must go to Everest. Everest area has less greenery than Annapurna area. The villages and ethnic groups are also different in these two areas. Frankly speaking Annapurna Base camp has better views than Everest Base camp. Going towards Annapurna Base camp someday one has to pass through narrow river valleys so there is very less views during those days but in general to go to Everest area after a second day one get a spectacular view every day.

The condition of the trails

The condition of the trail on both treks are great but as it rains quiet a lot in Annapurna area some part of the trail in Annapurna Base Camp is washed up and more slippery post monsoon time. It is quiet frequent leech infestation in part of the trail in Annapurna Base Camp during rainy season and in Everest area this is very unusual phenomenon. Ups and downs are typical of both area but in Annapurna Base Camp treks there are more ups and down than in Everest Base Camp treks.


There is a significant difference in the elevation of these two trekking. Everest Base Camp treks go much higher most of the time than Annapurna Base Camp trek. Everest Base Camp treks starts at an elevation of 2700 meters whereas the Annapurna Base Camp treks starts at 1000 meters. The trek to EBC goes up to 5500 meters but to ABC goes just up to 4130 meters.

Greenery and ups and downs

Some people are fond of observing the natural beauty so if you look natural beauty like greenery, waterfall, and forest. ABC trek has much more forest and greenery than EBC trek. ABC trek is more unremittingly up and down while EBC trek is several steep climbs like going to Namche, Tyangboche, Thokla and with long flattish section also.

Risk of High altitude sickness

As the EBC trek goes higher elevation than ABC trek, there is always greater risk of suffering from acute mountain sickness in Everest area than Annapurna area. Most of the people get symptoms of acute mountain sickness as they reach 3500 meters or higher elevation.  The second day of the trek in EBC reach 3400meters so sometime body cannot cope with the changing elevation and people start getting troubles.  The inherent risk of AMS is much less in ABC trek than EBC trek.

Avalanches and Landslides

Everest Base camp trek is safer regarding avalanches and Landslides than Annapurna Base Camp trek. In a section from Deurali to Machhapuchhre Base camp there are casualties due to the Avalanches which start from Annapurna south. As the trail is located in the river bank and the top of the peaks where avalanche starts is not visible from trail it is very hard to predict so we recommend our guides and customers take precaution and use little longer and alternative trail on the left bank of river. Practically there are no landslides in the Everest area but as it rains a lot in Annapurna area and the elevation is also quiet low with greenery, there is possibility to have landslide especially in rainy season during Annapurna Base Camp trek.

Rescue and Medical facilities

The most important thing of ABC trek is practically no need to rescue however during EBC trek it might be necessary. Both treks don’t have good medical facilities. During EBC trek, the last rudimentary medical facility is available at Pheriche located in the elevation of 4200 meters. During ABC trek if somebody got caught by AMS they can easily come down and recover than EBC trek. 

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