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Why to visit Nepal in 2021?

Why to visit Nepal in 2021?

Why to visit Nepal in 2021?

Nepal is a small country but it houses enormous attractions. For many people who like to do to trekking in the high mountains they can opt for going to the Everest area or Annapurna area or even they can make high passes like Amphulaptsa, Amalapcha, Ganjala, Throungla, Larke la and many others. Everest three high passes is now the major attraction for many of our clients. There are ten world heritage by UNESCO are located here in Nepal. The three major ancient palace complex popular by the name durbar squares namely Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square all of them are listed in the world heritage site by UNESCO. Two great Buddhist temples namely Boudhanath and Swoyambhunath are also part of the world Heritage. One of the popular Hindu temple and holy shrine popular by the name Pashupatinath, a famous cremation ground for Hindus of Kathmandu also listed in the UNESCO world heritage. Of course the birthplace of Buddha is very popular destination historically as well as religiously so Lumbini also listed as UNESCO world heritage. The temple of Vishnu located in a small hill nearby Kathmandu, The Changunarayan, being the oldest temple in Nepal which dates back to 5th century and still survived intact even after the devastating earthquake is also listed in the world heritage site. Besides these cultural sites there are two national parks which are declared as world heritage site they are Chitwan National Park which is very famous destination to do safaris and Everest National Park which is famous to see roof of the world. Besides the places listed in world heritage sites there are several attraction in Nepal which includes Pokhara, Bandipur, Bardia and many more. For adventure lovers they can do expeditions to 8 of the world’s highest mountains. The white water rafting in rivers which originate from Himalayan regions are not comparable to any of the rivers in the world. For short time adventure lovers there are bungee jumping, ultra lights, Paragliding and many other activities.

As the country has gone from monarchy to democratic republic there is a drastic change in political situation. Nepal right now in a transition phase, soon the political system will be more stable and the situation will also change. As with new government there will be lots of development activities and economy will change and boom. As a developing country in south Asia but taking a giant leap for making better.

Nepal campaigned 2020 as visit Nepal year so there are initiatives to clean up the entire popular destination so they look much nicer than they were so this might be opportunity to discover better Nepal than before.

As Nepal is house for more than sixty ethnic groups, most of them having their own language, customs, culture, foods and festivals. All these ethnic groups will participate more for visit Nepal year 2020 and now it is continued for 2021 also.

Nepal is a developing country till now and the development activities like construction of the road in the remote areas and even betterment of the road in urban area are doing very fast so if you want to see the authentic Nepal this might be the right time.

The change in the economy making Nepal expensive than in the past focusing visit Nepal year there are lots of discounts, offers so this time is the best time to take advantage of these discounts and offers.

Nepal is only place where you can dance with gods and can worship the living goddess. There are numerous festivals in Nepal when people wear masks of different god and goddess and dance on the streets, you can participate in these types of festivals and observe them. Besides Nepal has a culture where they worship a small girl as reincarnation of a goddess, if you go to Patan you can even get blessings with this living goddess.

As Nepal is a house for different ethnic groups the gastronomy tour, trying foods of these ethnic groups will be of great charm for many of our visitors.

Nepal is shopper’s paradise; you can get beautiful paintings of both traditional and abstract art, Tibetan rugs manufactured by Tibetan refugees, all sorts of handicrafts and traditional silver ornaments you can collect all these with special deals focusing on visit Nepal 2020 and this is continued due to pandemic for 2021.

Surprisingly in Nepal you can choose wide range of accommodation, restaurants and activities according to your budget. There are lots of budget friendly hotel and restaurant and even activities. If you are on a low budget you can simply go hiking in the mountain area and if you can spend more you can take a helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp. You can stay in a hotel where accommodation will cost you $1600 a night or you can sleep in a hostel for $3 on a bunk bed.

Nepalese people are always hospitable, charming, smiling and welcoming to all foreigners who visit   our country so let’s visit Nepal in 2021 and make a post pandemic tour memorable and add up your experience which you never ever had before. For more informative blogs please visit our website www.himalayantravelconsultant.com or follow us on our Facebook and Twitter page.

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