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Day tour of Patan and Bhaktapur

Day tour of Patan and Bhaktapur

An introductory sightseeing to Kathmandu valley

Day tour of Patan and Bhaktapur

Patan is another small town inside Kathmandu valley. This was once a kingdom in itself is another ancient city. Located about 6kms of south of Kathmandu famous for its temples, bahals and bahis. Lots of small buddhist monasteries are concentrated around Patan area. Patan's classical name "Lalitpur", the beautiful city refers to the masterpieces of its artists as well as its exquisite temples and buildings.  Patan's palace complex is the finest collection of the Newari urban architecture in all Nepal. The famous temples in Patan include Bhimsen temple specially worshipped by business community and Bhimsen represents bravery. The Bhimsen temple itself is a richly ornated three story pagoda with hanging of household goods like pots, pans, brooms and wooden slippers. Bhimsen considered as a patron of merchants. The popular Krishna temple from Patan is the masterpiece of Shikhar architecture. Krishna taken as a reincarnation of Vishnu, they put a statue of Garuda in front of the temple. The popular temple of Vishnu located next to the Krishna temple. The statue of one of the famous malla king of Patan Yoga Narendra Malla fallen during the earthquake of 2015 has already restored. The octagonal temple representing eight symbol of good luck for Hindu people is also of major attraction to visitors. The old royal palace in Patan is famous for its three different courtyards. The southernmost courtyard popular by the name Sundarichok signify "the most beautiful courtyard", was once a royal bath. The finest carvings of 72 different god and godess can be observed near the water fountain. The king used to offer handful of water to his favourite god and godess here in the courtyard. Mulchok, the main courtyard of the palace was traditionally a gathering place for all social and religious occasions, houses a temple for Taleju, a tutlery deity of royal family. The last courtyard popular by the name Keshavnarayan Chok, has a small Vishnu temple. Inside the temple one can see the image of Vishnu with his wife Laxmi and transport Garuda. This is the main part of the palace where king and queen were living in the past. Now this part of the palace houses the best preserved museum in Nepal. Behind the palace was a royal garden housing a small restaurant and other side they have Bhandarkhal Tank with water fountain. The tank sopposed to be the tressure store of the palace and the water fountain is the one of the major supply of water for the palace. After visiting the main palace complex in Patan the tour leads to one of the popular monastery of Patan which is called Hiranyavarna Mahabihar, also popular by the name Golden Temple, among the visitors. Golden temple is one of the richest monastery in Patan and is a glittering example of Newari metalwork. The priest of the temple is small boy popular by the name Bapa-cha, aged in between 6-12 years. It is considered a part of social responsibilities to maintain the temple as for a month a whole family is dedicated for taking care of the temple for a month.

After completing the visit to Patan Durbar Square the tour lead to Bhaktapur, a mediaval town also popular by the name Bhadgaun. Bhaktapur practically having three different squares namely Durbar Square, Taumadhi Square and Dattatraya Square. Once Bhaktapur was a capital for a whole Kathmandu Valley and considered as land of devotees. Predominantly a Newar community with their own dialect are the residents of Bhaktapur. Durbar Square in Bhaktapur is famous for the old royal palace dates back to 15th century and done a renovation for a quiet a few time. The famous from durbar square is the titanic bell, the golden gate from 17th century, a Shiva temple from 15th century, Vatsaleswori Temple and palaces from different time. Just five minuts walk from Durbar square one can reach a Taumadhi Square which is also popular by the name Nyatpole square after the name of the tallest temple in Bhaktapur Nyatpole. Nyatpole Temple constructed in 1702 AD, is dediucated to Goddess Siddhilaxmi. The steps that lead to the main door of the temple houses wrestlers, elephants, lions and two mythological animals, supposed each one of them is ten times stronger than the animal in front. This shows the goddess is very powerful. The third square is famous for temple of Dattatraya which was constructed in 15th century. Dattatraya is a three headed combination of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Inside the temple it houses the image with three head representing the trinities of Hinduism. Just behind the temple a building with intricate wood carving is a famous Pujarimath. The potters' square is also popular for people who like to make a clay pots in traditional way.  

The cost of this tour

The cost of the tour depend with how many people doing the tour together. We prefer to have individuals, couples and small groups up to 10 people for the maximum enjoyment and discover more of each places like one can see in the video. 

Currently we have offer that we charge $80 per car which can be good for a couple, $100 for Jeep and SUV if you want a bit of luxury, $150 for van which can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably and more than 8 people will be good in a minibus with charge of $25 per person but if you are with tight budget even 10 of you might go on a van for a sightseeing. The entrance ticket will be extra and payable at the respective sightseeing places which will be Rs 1500 for Bhaktapur and Rs 1000 for patan as well as the Golden temple in patan charge another Rs.100 per person. If you have time and like to discover Mahaboudha temple and Rudravarna Mahabihar we don't charge you extra for the tour but need to pay the extra entrance ticket on your own.