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Fair Price Travel Center

Fair Price Travel Center is the first of its kind as many people are busy. Fair price travel center offers the best price and offer the extensive tour itinerary with pre fixed hotels and programmes. Fair Price Travel Center popularly known by the name FPTC is targeted to the client who wants to do the popular trips with prefixed itineraries and hotels in special rate. The best pocket friendly product and suitable for budget travellers. This is the initiative by Himalayan Travel Consultant for the first time in Nepal. The hotels are normally three star standards for the tours and tea houses for the trek and itineraries are very well organized so everybody can take advantage of what we can offer in our destinations. Choosing the right program is the client’s responsibility so we recommend our customers to study well about our itineraries before book the trip with us. As transport cost in Nepal is quiet high we are not flexible for the trip to modify the places of visits. Small changes are entertained but not major change. Add in facility is available. Any type of questions regarding the trip in advance helps to decide our customers for signing up the trip. The trip is private but if any of our customers are interested to join the group they can do that if on the same date and for the same program we have other people available. Our valued customers are recommended to check the availability for joining the group. Post trip meeting encourage us for betterment of our service. We help to make decision for the clients as the offered package by different company may not be identical and the price normally reflect the mode of transportation, hotel, flexibility of travel plan, monument entrance fees etc. We strongly recommend working out very well before you book the trip.  Most popular trips are made available through this schemes.    

Himalayan Travel Consultant Club

Our team is happy to announce that we offer tours and treks inside Nepal for net price without service charge for club members. We encourage our clients that they can be club members and get the best price for all the activities what we operate for Nepal. This is not applicable for our outbound tours as we have different ground handlers for these types of tours.

Eligibility to become a club member

At least you have done one activity with us

Pay the membership fee which is a nominal fee of $50 and paid for only once.

Recommendation by club members with a scanned copy of club cards also get some discounts on our activities inside Nepal. Check for eligibility by writing our travel consultant or visit our office during office hours and get club cards. Once you get club cards you are registered in our system and eligible for all type of activities on net price.

Within maximum two months of your departure, you will get a scanned copy of all the expense of where we spent the money with original tax invoices. We pay tax every quarter so that we need a margin of time to settle everything.