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Adventure in Nepal

Adventure in Nepal

Adventure in Nepal

Nepal is a home of adventure and adventurous people. There are lots of adventure activities located in Nepal. Long time and very strenuous adventure activities include mountaineering and expedition. Trekking in the off the beaten route and high passes are also very adventurous. Short adventure activities include bungy jumping, paragliding, ultralight flight, rafting and kayaking, cannoning, rock climbing and many other activities. The famous Zipline of the world is also located in Nepal. The zipline starts at the elevation of 1600 m. and reach the velocity up to 140 km per hour and land at 600 m.

Nepal is one of the best countries in the world for the adventure lovers. There is so much to do including different type of activities. Mountaineering is the top most lists for many people. Trekking in the Himalayan region is also a type of adventure.  Besides the mountaineering and trekking many people go for whitewater rafting in the rivers, which runs mostly from north to south. Safaris in different national parks are also wildlife adventures.  There are some activities which are recently opened and getting popular among the visitors. Depending with the season, interest, age group, physical condition and fitness condition people can opt for doing Bungee Jumping, Zip line, Ultra-light flights, paragliding, Para hawking and many other activities. Below are the some of the facilities for the adventure lovers located in the different part of the country.

Mountaineering and expeditions

Hundreds of mountaineers from different countries in the globe arrive to Nepal and head for different peaks in the Himalayas. There are certain season which are favorable than other seasons but mountaineering or expedition can be done throughout the year. The snowcapped mountains are categorized with height, location, technicalities to climb, face, structure and access and fixed the royalties for climbing. Most of the peaks with less than 6500 m. of height are easy to climb and cheaper to climb as well as does not need special preparation so we consider these peaks are trekking peaks. Little more than a trek with special gear than trek and permits to climb one can climb these peaks. The peaks more than 6500 meter in elevation needs more time, preparation and more budget for climbing. Some of the peaks are very technical even their height is quiet low.


Trekking depends with where you go some of the routes are very adventurous due to the altitude, trail and high passes. Here in the Himalaya there exist all different sort of trekking. Some trek last for few days and some goes even for few months. Some routes the infrastructures are well developed and some routes you have to carry everything but porters are professional guides are always available. There are some trek specialize to see the culture, heritage and monasteries than just landscapes and views.

Honey Hunting

Available only during certain time of the year and available to limited people as well as available only in certain area, honey hunting is very adventurous trip in Nepal. There are wild bees who love rock faces and cliffs in the hilly area. The honey hunters gather and make a special ladder out of rope and through the rope from top that goes down all the way where honey combs are located. Few people gather underneath with baskets to collect the honey.


As Himalaya is very big source of supplying the fresh water for entire population who are living in the area, the Himalayas are also considered the game changer in the climate of the area too. Most of the rivers start from different snowcapped mountain end up with very high rapids as they flow down with very high gradient making a white water rafting is of famous adventure activities in Nepal. The rafting is of different grades from grade 1-5 with different rivers and different locations. Some beautiful rafting places are located in quiet remote area where as introductory rafting trips are easily accessible. There are rafting people go for many days and stay on the tented camps what they make in the bank of the river.


Wildlife safari in different national park to see the wildlife is also an adventure activity in Nepal. There are different areas which are popular to sight different animals. Some of the national park are quiet easily accessible where as some of them are remote. Mostly people head to see one horned rhinos, the royal Bengal tigers, crocodiles, bears, snow leopards and different type of deer.



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