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Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal is one of the easy ways to know the Nepalese culture and tradition. Normally volunteering is considered as excellent way to go to the community and identify their norms and values. Different type of institute and different community welcome people with different type of skill, profession and areas. We place volunteers to different community based programs in different part of the country. We are in great demand for teachers especially English language teachers proficient in any other area. Volunteers stay with one of the family from the community. Depend with where you are going accommodation and food is different. Basic accommodation like how the families are staying are received by volunteers. Some accommodations have their own kitchen so you can make your food on your own time and enjoy it. If the accommodation provided doesn’t have own kitchen volunteers supposed to eat with the host family or use the kitchen of the host family. Depend with the specialization area, volunteers stay from minimum of 15 days to three months and sometimes even six months. When volunteers are placed in schools at least they supposed to present for three classes every day. We prefer individuals for the schools. Volunteers supposed to follow rules imposed by the host institutions. Some volunteers get small stipends from the side of the host institutions and some volunteers do not get any stipends and they have to pay for their living cost. Volunteering programs are targeted for students waiting for results, having a gap year, the retired people and who like to serve for another community.

Volunteering in four easy steps

Step 1: write to us about your proficiency, educational level and interested field to do volunteering.

Step 2: We speak with community and host institutions about your request and write to you about the location, your accommodation, length of stay and related information.

Step 3: Contact us for if you have any questions and request to volunteer!

Step 4: Pay the volunteer deposit to secure your booking and the remaining balance 3 weeks before the arrival date of your volunteering request.