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The South Asian giant India bordering with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China.Very famous for its population, vivid culture, spectacular mountains and thousands of years of great civilizations. A home for more than a billion people, very famous for its snowcapped mountain to sun washed beaches, a hindu temples to very big mosques. For a traveller India is surprising in many ways because it present a wide spectrum of a travel encounter. Expecting the unexpected is the theme for many travellers. The Indian subcontinent is famous for Indus Valley Civilization of 3rd century BC. A parliamentary republic with multiparty democracy India is the world’s most populous democracy. As there is a variation of landscape, one can observe a great variation on biodiversity too. India lies within Indomalayaecozone and contains three biodiversity hotspots. Cultural trips with some popular Buddhist circuits, some adventure activities from Indian land are recommended for thrill-seekers. We are trying to take the best of India trip for our valuable customers.

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