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Photography tour

Photography tour

Photography tour in Nepal

Nepal having more than sixty different ethnic groups, from very low land to world’s highest Mt Everest, festivals throughout the year all contributes to make it photographer’s paradise. People simply like to capture what is going on daily basis from a woman who likes to fetch the water, combing their hair, doing massage of their babies with mustard oil. A group of people sitting in the public platform and have a chat each other, a group of youngsters playing carom board or a farmer plough his farmland and many other things could be a photography object. The landscape in Nepal wherever you go is simply stunning. An oxcart rider with whole bunch of fodder, a woman with a bunch of fodder on her back and a child taking care of her siblings might of great interest to photographers. Beautiful rivers, suspension bridges, nicely cultivated terraces catches photographers’ eye in Nepal. Nepal houses ten different world heritage sites listed by UNESCO. Eight of them are cultural and two of them are natural. Depend with the availability of time and interest the photography tour must be customized as all individuals are different. An ideal photography itinerary is given below. We recommend for people to write in advance for customizing their programs.

Why photography tours are expensive than normal tours?

Photography tours are relatively expensive than normal tours due to extended hours and some time we have to repeat the same place due to some technical reasons. We also need to pick the more professional crew who might deserve some extra appreciation for these types of trips. Even for our clients the trips are of very different and beyond the imagination. As long as you are not able to go along with the circumstances you might miss the essence of photography. Taking picture of the people needs extra payments in most of the cases.