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Machhegaun Bhasmasur hill hike

Machhegaun Bhasmasur hill hike

Machhegaun Bhasmasur hill hike

There are several day hikes nearby Kathmandu. They are of different grades; price and they are located in different hills around the Kathmandu. Some popular hikes there is a place for eating and drinking and some hikes one need to carry the foods on their own. Some hikes are very common and thousands of people go there but some hikes are like secluded hikes as very few people go there. One needs to decide before start the hiking about what to expect, what is the condition of the trail and how much does it cost as well as what are the basic things to carry.

Depending with the requirement and available facility in the area our team normally recommend hike, so we are happy that our customers drill down the route and available facilities before they book the trip. Once the confusions are over then they can proceed for booking and enjoy the trip with us.

Machhegaun is the small village located in the south west corner of Kathmandu at an elevated platform and exactly at the rim of the Kathmandu valley. Machhegaun itself houses a very old temple of Vishnu as a reincarnation in the form of fish. Around the temple the village was constructed in the past but now the extensions have taken place everywhere. The encroachment of the popular farmland for construction of the new houses can be seen everywhere. The purest flow of drinking water and fresh air from the nearby forest make Machhegaun an wonderful place to live.

The protected forest above the Machhegaun climbs all the way to Bhasmasur Hill which is located above 2500 meter of elevation and is taken as a wonderful view point to see the Kathmandu valley. This is one of the best view points as one can see the major part of the valley including all three different cities of Kathmandu.

The hike from Machhegaun to Bhasmasur is quite tough as it goes steep steps all the time without having the flat land even for few minutes. The hike normally goes inside the forest all the time so it does not make any difference even doing the hike in a very sunny day. As one reaches near by the top, there are only shrubs as these tiny hills are covered with snow for few days every alternate year during the winter time.

The view from Bhasmasur Top

The view from Bhasmasur in a clear day is simply awesome as it covers the Himalayan range from Annapurna to Everest and the whole Kathmandu valley. The panoramic view attracts many domestic as well as foreign visitors to the area. The trail to the right from the top goes down to Hattiban Resort and left goes towards the Chandragiri Hills where there is a temple for Bhaleshwor.

One can take a trail towards the Chandragiri hill and goes down up to Chhap Bhanjyang where one can enjoy the Nepalese meals with pre order. As there is only one tea house is located in this trail, one must consider ordering the meal if you are not carrying with you. After having meal and discover the area the trail goes down and meet again nearby Machhegaun and one can catch the transport to come back to the city.

The alternative to come down and catch the transport is hike all the way to Bhaleshwor temple located at Chandragiri Hills and visit the temple and buy a ticket in a cable car to come down to base station and catch the transport from there.

The cost of the hike is $50 per person and there must be 2 people minimum, which includes private air-conditioned transfer, a guide who knows the route and Nepalese Dalbhat set at Chhap bhanjyang. Instead of Dalbhat if you wish to have noodles or Mo: Mo; please let us know in advance. We are happy to provide you a bottle of mineral water per person from our side. If you wish to come down with the cable car you have to pay extra for the cable car.

The best time to do Machhegaun-Bhasmasur hike is when the weather is clear to get a better view of the mountain and Kathmandu valley but you can do the hike throughout the year to sense the nature, hear the chirping sound of the birds and train yourself to go for any serious hikes.

The fitness level to do this hike must be fair as the hike has lots of climbing. There will be no refund if somebody drop the hike.

Normal clothing and normal tennis or hiking shoes are recommended for the hike, check the weather to carry rain cover, sun cover or not. The top of Bhasmasur is very cold during the winter time.