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Everest Experience Flight or mountain flight

Everest Experience Flight or mountain flight

Everest Experience Flight or mountain flight

There are various ways to see the Everest. People with will and good physical condition can make a trek all the way to Everest Base Camp. People with money can take a chopper trip to Kalapathhar to see the Everest, but for people who doesn't have time to go to Everest area walking or physically not able to make walk for such long period of time and neither have money to take a chopper to reach the Everest area only option is take an Everest Experience Flight. The flight not only gives opportunity to see Everest but also give opportunity to see many of the other eight thousand meter peaks. Mostly the flight is organized early in the morning as mountains are clear first hour of the day. The flight starts from domestic terminal of Kathmandu airport take people to see Everest and land at Kathmandu airport. Mostly the flights are operated by small turboprop fixed wing airplanes. Every passenger has their guaranteed window to take picture of the mountains. It also gives opportunity to see the landscape of the hilly area of Nepal. 

The flight is popular by the name mountain flight or Everest mountain flight as the main goal is to see the Everest and has a history of 80 years flying in Everest area. Depending with how many passengers sign up for the flight different type of aircraft are utilized to do this flights. The flight is considered the best scenic flights in the word as it takes to see the entire popular snowcapped mountain from Langtang and Everest area. The popular peaks covered during the flights are Langtang Lirung (7234m.), Shisapagma (8091m.), Dorje-Lakpa (6,966 m.), Phurbighyachu (6,637 m.), ChobaBhamare (5,960 m.), GauriShankar (7,134 m.), Melungtse (7,181 m.), Numbur (6,957 m.), Cho-yu (8,201 m.), Pumori (7,161 m.), Nuptse (7,855 m.), Mount Everest (8,848 m.) and Lhotse (8,516 m.) The flight actually is close encounter of the beautiful snowcapped mountains. The trip gives opportunity to understand what makes Nepal beautiful.

The flight last from 45 minutes up to one hour and the plane take off from Kathmandu airport domestic terminal. The flight will cover at least 20 highest peaks in the area. Without taking this flight many people claim that the tour is incomplete. The flight not only gives opportunity to see this beautiful mountain and taking photos of these mountains but also give idea of geography of this area. The guaranteed window seats in every flight for our customers to enjoy the mesmerizing view of these mountains with safer airplanes and even this unique opportunity is documented as they provide the certificate that you have taken this renowned flight to see the roof of the world. The flight can be considered as an add-on in the regular itinerary and that do not affect the rest of your day activities in Kathmandu. Only important is you have to wake up early as the flights are operating only in the morning.

The highlight of the trip

  • To witness the fantastic mountain scenery including peaks, lakes and glaciers,
  • The tallest peak of the world Mt. Everest is just 8 nautical miles away from you,
  • One hour scenic flight with guaranteed window seat for all passengers,
  • Flights are operated in the morning so it does not affect your day itinerary,
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity which got documented as you get a certificate of participation in the flight,
  • The flight with safe fixed wings planes

The type of airplane used for the flights

The different airline companies have different fleet of aircraft and it also depends with number of passenger sign up for the particular day to take the flight.  The fleets’ uses by different companies are:

Buddha Air

ATR 72-500, ATR 42-320 and BEECH 1900D, all the aircrafts has modern avionics, instruments and airframe which are in a modern jetliners. The seating capacities for mountain flights are 16 for BEECH 1900D and 24 and 36 for ATR 42-320 and ATR 72-500 respectively.

Yeti Air

Yeti airlines also uses ATR 72-500, which is twin engine turbo prop powered by two Pratt and Whitney PW 127 engine with seating capacity of 36 passenger for the mountain flight. Another type of aircraft use by Yeti Airlines is Jetstream 41 with two 1230 KW (1650 SHP), Honeywell TPE331-14, GR/HR turboprop engine with five blade propellers with seating capacity of 18 passengers during the mountain flights.

The pilots who already operated thousands of mountain flights are operating these flights every day.

The best season to take the flight

The flights are operated throughout the year but the best season for the flight is the month of winter from September to April because this time of the year the white snow sparkles beautifully and brightly upon the mountains and can see the glaciers and rivers that are originating in the mountain area. Especially during the summer you can still enjoy the mountain flight but there might be blanket of cloud at the bottom part of the mountains.

Price of the Mountain Flight or Everest Experience Flight

The price of the flight depends with whether the transport to and from the airport is included or not and it vary little bit with airlines also. The popular airlines charge few dollar more than new airlines or not that popular airlines. Right now we are offering the special price of $230 per person which includes the transport to and from the airport also we give you the flight on most popular airlines of Nepal. 

Actual activities during the mountain flight

As you get a transfer from your hotel to airport, you have to show the printed ticket or reservation sleep and your identity document like passport etc. to airlines staff who will give you the boarding pass with profile of the mountains which you going to see from the planes. Pass through the security check and wait in the hall until they announce the flight number. Show your boarding pass and get a transfer to the plane, find your seat number and seat there. As the plane take off from Kathmandu, the hostess is announcing the peaks nearby so you can capture different peaks on your camera. As they see Everest they are slowing down their speed so everybody get opportunity to take picture and view of Everest. They fly back the same route so the people on the right side have opportunity to see the mountains more clearly. After you get transfer from your plane to nearby the parking lot find the driver and get a transfer to your hotel to catch the activities of the day.

This trip is totally with the fixed wing planes. Are you thinking about landing there next to Everest and take an experience of touching the Everest with awesome unforgettable views or at least you land there in Everest area take some nice photo and video, our Helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp with landing at Kalapathhar might be right choice to you. Most of the time sharing trip are available and that does not cost very high.

  • Itinerary
  • Cost Include/Exclude
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Trip Itinerary

Day 01: Pick up from the hotel early in the morning and transfer to domestic terminal of Kathmandu airport. Get a boarding pass, do the flight and come back to parking lot. Transfer to the hotel after the flight.

Price Includes:

  • Round trip transfer to and from your hotel for the flight
  • Flight ticket

Price Excludes:

  • Cancellation fee due to bad weather.

If the weather is not good the flight get cancelled. On that case we charge nominal transport fee to our valued customers and give remaining balance money back.