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Cost of Everest base camp trek

Cost of Everest base camp trek

Cost of Everest base camp trek

Every trip the price varies with different factors like guide, accommodation, mode of transport, the area where you want to go, remoteness, altitude and access. The article underneath is describing the exact cost of Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal which is a dream trek for many mountain lovers as the trek will reach to the base camp of the highest mountain of the world. Mainly the trek to Everest starts with an idea of reaching Base camp and one has to do mental preparation first. We would love to discuss the exact cost when you arrive to Kathmandu as the trek practically starts in Kathmandu so we are skipping the international flight part as the flight cost vary with season, location and availability. The Actual cost of Everest Base Camp trek hover around from $1200 to $2500 which does not include international tickets.

The major factor that makes ups and downs of the price of Everest Base Camp trek are summarized below:

Cost of Hotel in Kathmandu

It all depend as the category of the hotel varies greatly. There are people who think as they going for simple accommodation in the mountain so let’s take the luxury at the Kathmandu and other think if I am not going to get luxury hotel during my stay in the mountain why do I waste money staying in luxury hotel in Kathmandu, this philosophy plays the vital role. The accommodation in Kathmandu is of all different type as one can get a bunk bed in hostel for $3 per bed to luxury room in top end hotel for $1600 per night as well. The trekking company put their customers in decent clean hotels which cost around $40 to $50 per night. The five-star accommodation in Kathmandu is roughly $140 per double room with breakfast. 

Cost of Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Many companies offer an introductory sightseeing in Kathmandu which will add extra value on your trip but load extra weight in your pocket. Because a full day sightseeing in Kathmandu not only add up the tour price but as you are staying an extra day that add up your accommodation and meal as well. The pre trek sightseeing is especially beneficial as it gives opportunity to recover from jetlag, know the town little bit, do necessary preparation and know the culture as well. You can check our day tour page for what might be the choices. Post trek sightseeing will give time to discover souvenirs in different sightseeing places as well. A sightseeing before and after the trek gives opportunity to discover the great world heritage sites in Kathmandu which are of unparallel beauty and some of the places will give a greater exposure that is totally different than the trek. As throat cutting competition is visible among the agencies, they show their smartness to give a smaller price tag by not including the entrance tickets which is definitely higher than the tour price even if you are in a small group. The lunch places during the sightseeing tour are also with higher prices as they sell mainly lunch and the rents are quite high due to their location nearby the heritage sites. Many places you can get only one moon whether you want to go or starve or rely on the cold drinks or chocolate bars. There seems like some sort of cartelling as whichever restaurant you go you will be charged more or less same. Its worthless wavering from here or there as you just waste your time. Considering what exist is the best policy.

Sightseeing in Patan
Mulchok in patan


Cost of flight from Kathmandu to Lukla

In general, only one thing which is same for everybody is the flight cost to Lukla from Kathmandu which is roughly $360-$400 round trip. Lukla airport is one of the dramatic airports whose weather forecast is very difficult so one can be prepared to be lifted by helicopter with extra cost and this journey will change the whole cost of the trip. The flight cancellation is quite frequent and in busy season the flight rescheduling for next day is tough as the passengers of the same day are given priorities over the stocked passengers of other day.

Cost of guide

With whom you are doing trek is also of great concern to fluctuate the price. If you trek with professional tour/trek leader from your home country will definitely cost you a lot compared with doing the trek with local trekking guide from Nepal. The expense for the staffs is generated from the clients. The local trekking guide from Nepal normally charge $25-$50 depend with years of experience, fitness level, language proficiency and their side skills specially of first aid as well as their problem solving and decision-making skills. A good decision by guide in case of emergency might save you or a bad decision might jeopardize your life. Everybody needs to pay for a good guide to make a easy way out in case of emergency and difficult time.

Cost of porter

Usually they hire porter from Lukla, a trekking starting point, the porter will get $15 -$20 per day or even less. It is very hard for individuals to hire porter on your own as you might put yourself in problem. The custom is the company who operate the trips frequently has their own fleet of porters who work regularly with them, who are reliable, diligent and hard working. If you hire a porter directly on your own, they start negotiating as you reach higher and if you do not raise the pay, they will just discontinue and you have to carry your things on your own. If you need to hire a porter on your own from Lukla better stick to hotel and let them, find the porter for you even if they charge you some service charge. Leave them service charge and the porters wage you pay directly to porter as well as pay the porter when he completes the job. The expense for the food to porter you can pay everyday or make partial payments as the trip starts. 

Cost of food

It is hard to decide as nobody knows your eating and drinking habits but in general the cost of food will go up to $25 per day for Everest Base Camp trek. The lower elevation is cheaper as you go higher the food price is going higher. It is not recommended to have alcoholic beverages in access amount as you go higher. The way back will be definitely no problem to celebrate as you have already made the difficult part.

Local lentil thick pancake


Cost of accommodation

The price for accommodation varies greatly in some of the villages during the trek but the normal accommodation will cost you $3-$10 during Everest Base Camp trek. Remember the price of accommodation will hike if you do not eat at where you stay. You must stay and eat at the same tea house. Getting a good food, you might compromise an accommodation little bit or vice versa during any trek in Nepal. We recommend you to take better accommodation in high places as this will make you more comfortable and your success rate to reach base camp will drastically go higher.  

Cost of Battery charging and shower

Isn’t it amazing to know you have to pay to charge your electronic devices? In Everest area till date, they charge per hour 100-150 rupees to charge your phone or camera. The hot shower needs to be managed by using LPG which is carried by plane or helicopters or by porters so they charge for taking shower in the Everest area. The shower cost is variable from 150 rupees to 450 rupees as you go higher. Around $50 every trekker spends in Everest area for battery charging and hot shower while they are doing the trek in the area but solely depend how many days you do trekking in Everest area.

Cost of permits

As Everest area is declared as national park you have to buy the entrance ticket to enter the area. Entrance ticket now cost Rs. 3000 and the local body also charge Rs.2000 for entering the area. Little more than $40 is the entrance ticket to Everest Base Camp trek.

Cost of equipment and gears

The cost of gears and equipment depend with where you buy, the quality you buy and brand you buy. Normally the locally manufactured equipment and gear you can buy for $400 to go to this trek. Remember not to buy shoes on the last moment as worn in shoes are better than new shoes.

Cost of insurance

The insurance is necessary and mandatory specially if you book the trek with low price tags operators and non-professional operators as their motive is to earn money from elsewhere than selling the trip. It is already too late to think about how the price is too less to be good for this trek. Anyway, the insurance to cover your rescue and medical expense will cost you from $150 to $400 depending with insurance companies. Remember you have to buy the insurance from your home country and Nepalese company will not cover foreigners for rescue and medical expense.

Cost of tips and gratuities

Trekking is a seasonal job and your guides, porters and drivers are waiting for tips and significant part of income is coming from tips. You have to spend some money on tips too so average tips for Everest Base Camp trek is $100-$150 per person. You can split this tip among your staffs.

Cost of service charge

It all depend with where you book and how you book the trip and how big and popular your trek operator is, the service charge will be different. Our company normally work with a nominal service charge of $150 per person for organizing the trek to Everest Base Camp trek. We are broad minded professional whose motive is to take on 100% successful trips so let you consider your $150 is of less value than the experience and enjoyment with us. We even don’t need your insurance and we charge you fair price.

Cost of international flights

All the above mentioned is the cost we discussed as you arrive to Kathmandu which does not include international travel so depending on where you are you have to add up the cost of international travel.

Why don’t you try the right place for going to Everest Base Camp next season with professional team? We have 99% success rate and 100% satisfaction guaranteed on our trips. Write to us for your better adventure holiday in the mountains and cities of Nepal.

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