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Reasons for unsuccessful attempt to Everest

Reasons for unsuccessful attempt to Everest

Reasons for unsuccessful attempt to Everest

The coolest mountain which attracts many of the adventure lovers who like to gaze them, touch them and certainly some of them like to scale them. In this article we are throwing the light about the aspect and stories of unsuccessful attempts to Everest. There are quite a few lucky fellows who are happy that they dropped the climbing and decided to return back as that was the hardest and crucial decision they had ever made in their life. If they hadn’t made that decision, they were definitely not in condition to tell the tale of their climbs to others which would be a great preparation and lesson for all other novice climbers who like to scale the Everest in days to come. We have a saying you have no time to commit all the mistakes and learn from them it would be much better if you learn or get lesson from what others have already committed. Success rate of Everest climb is pretty high compared to many other mountains but still not all people who have a permit to climb this highest mountain of the world can reach to the top.

The various factors that contribute for unsuccessful trip to Everest Summit which normally people lose few thousand dollars but save their life are summarized below.

Climatic conditions

No one can forecast the mountain weather accurately and besides the mountain weather is unpredictable and keep changing very fast. The weather forecasting system which are available in Nepal is not that sophisticated and whatever they forecast is not easily communicated. As they communicate it would be too late for taking proper action and the summiteers need to drop the expedition and suppose to come back otherwise the life would be in risk. Besides the weather there are certain external phenomenon which are contributing for thawing and melting of the snow which finally triggers the avalanches or develops the crevasses inside resulting for the blockage of the route and destroy the route. Normally blocking of the route is not that common but it happened in the past and one has to consider it.

Lack of preparation

Once people decide to climb Everest, they must go through extensive preparation so they could easily reach the top. There are people who do not take it seriously and fail to reach the top. Few years back training of climbing other peaks was not mandatory but now one must take another small climb before trying for Everest which eventually contributed for the high success rate for reaching the top. It is mandatory to climb any peaks of above 6000 meters before going to climb peaks above 8000 meters of altitude.

Lack of proper gear and food supply

As every kilo cost huge fund to carry all the way in the high altitude in the mountain area so there are people who lack gears and proper food so they have to drop the plan and need to come back to save themselves. The quality of the gears also matters as there is a huge difference in the price from cheaper brands to top end gear manufacturers. Improper and insufficient food contribute for the body not to adopt for mountain climate and also deteriorate health condition in the high altitude which eventually contribute for dropping the expedition to the roof of the world. The fact is applicable to many of the high mountains in the Himalayan regions.

Improper timing to start the day

After sunrise, the heat of the sun develops different pressure zone in the mountain so it will generate chilly wind which make extremely difficult to walk. The mountaineers must start early and finish early to accommodate with these cold winds so when the wind is of maximum intensity they are already in their tents.

Unprofessional and insufficient staff

There must be sufficient climbers to staff ratio maintained for all successful climbs and those staff must be professional and experienced. Due to high demand of the professional staff in the high season which lacks experienced staff in the busy season and contribute for failure to reach the top.

Underestimation of the oxygen needs

What happened with your oxygen supply if you have to stay few extra days? What happened due to crowd in the way and need to wait few extra hours to cross narrow and difficult section of the climb? Is of burning issue and you are emptying your oxygen canisters every minute you are waiting doing nothing.

Over expectation of the clients form the staffs

Some of the clients consider they will be carried to the top in case they are exhausted which is clearly an over expectation. There are people who reach above 8500 meters also came back without reaching the top. Staffs take good care of all the clients but they can’t carry them uphill in high mountains even for few minutes.

Lack of good communication base

The expedition team must maintain good communication base to stake holders like management, food and logistic suppliers from the base camp, liaison officer by the Nepalese government and health and rescue facilities and their providers. Miscommunication between these entities also result in the unsuccessful attempt to the summit.

Over confidence by the clients

There are people who get drunk even at 6000 meter or above this altitude and they think they can easily conquer the Everest, eventually their health gets deteriorated and need to come back. Excessive intimate relationships with their partners to celebrate the climb even found to have adverse effect of reaching the top. Leave your loved ones at home and pray for you to reach the top so that you can tell a tale to him/her when you go back.

These reasons should be duly considered as one is ready to climb the highest mountain of the world. If you are not interested to climb but still want to see the roof of the world, there are ways like trekking to Everest Base Camp or taking a helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp which give an experience of lifetime without taking risk.

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