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Heritage walk in Kirtipur

Heritage walk in Kirtipur

Heritage walk in Kirtipur

The famous and serene town of Kirtipur is located in the western part of Kathmandu valley which was once utilized by King Prithvi Narayan Shah as an entry gate and hiding place to conquer Kathmandu. Later the king is considered as the unifier and founder of Nepal. Before the king started unification there were lots of tiny kingdoms everywhere. The king from ancient kingdom of Gorkha thought with tiny kingdom everywhere it is very hard to consider security, trade and relationship with the neighboring countries.

Kirtipur literally means a glorious town. The town is located in the hill and is considered safe during the earthquake as the base of Kirtipur is rocky terrain. As the town is a concentrated residence for Newar people of Kathmandu valley, the people perform different type of rituals and festivals. These people have their unique dialects and customs. The Newars are considered as traders as they have been to every big towns and villages to open the new business there.

Kirtipur was once surrounded by very fertile lands where people have gone for cultivating different type of crops. Part of their land was utilized by university as there was a university founded in 1956 AD in Kirtipur, and part of their land they have sold to migrators who came and settled there. The town is also considered academicians town as the teachers and students from university live here.

The visit to Kirtipur is to observe the lifestyle there. Observing the calm streets in Kirtipur brings peace in minds and gives an idea about how peaceful the life will be if you are not attached with the physical matters like big house, nice cars etc. The kids and elders basking in the sun, a group of elders playing the cards and other games to pass their time, friends and colleagues just sit together and have a chat; people with offering in their hands visiting and worshipping the nearby shrines are very common there.  As the town is resided by local Newar Community, if people have craving for trying the Newari food and drinks Kirtipur is the ultimate destination although the food is hot and spicy.

The 11th century founded Baghbhairav temple, one of the oldest living temple of Kirtipur, seems like memorial of war as they hang the old weapons there on the temples. The weapons during that time are simple swords and shields though.

For the Buddhist people from the community they have built the popular Chhilancho stupa and a small Mahavihar nearby. The stupa got renovated after the devastating earthquake of 2015. Kirtipur has hinayan or Theravad Buddhism followers so it is hard that one can see the people dressed like a monk even they are Buddhist.

At the top of the town which is even higher than the monkey temple, there is a famous temple of Shiva-Parvati popular by the name Uma-Maheswor temple. The temple is considered view point as from there one can observe the view of Kathmandu valley with snowcapped mountains as the backgrounds.

How can I go to Kirtipur?

The town is accessible by public transport which is often extremely crowded or one can take private transfer to reach Kirtipur. Normally we have our guided tour in Kirtipur with two other tiny villages of Bungmati and Khokana which give an idea of the prosperous villages nearby Kathmandu. Check our day tours to see the similar day trips nearby Kathmandu. If one likes to explore more, one can spend the whole day in Kirtipur too.

Is there entrance fee to go to Kirtipur?

The municipality charge Rs. 100 as entry fee to all the foreign visitors which might subject to increase so please check with our concerning staff before you book the trip regarding entrance fee. To make feel like sightseeing is cheaper many tour companies exclude entrance fees in tour price. If you are in a big group your entrance fee might exceeds the tour price in many cases. Inquire about inclusion and exclusion before you book the trip.

Can I stay in Kirtipur?

Kirtipur Hillside resort is the only known accommodation till now but there are few under construction which will complete soon. Some families even offer a homestay which are far from the core town.

Do you have any precaution visiting Kirtipur?

Day time you can go anywhere in Kirtipur but if you are staying overnight do not go out at night time as many of our customers complain about stray dogs run behind them and made them scared while they have gone out.

The professional team from Himalayan Travel Consultant entertains inquiries regarding any adventurous and cultural trip in the Himalayan countries. If you have any doubts please feel free to write to us or give a call.

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